Christmas Cookie Roundup

We have a lovely brick fireplace, but Santa has never come down our chimney. Something about an age limit; we’re petitioning the North Pole. Still we’ve been good this year and have been collecting cookie recipes to fill our trays. We just need a big glass of milk, or is Mr. Claus a whiskey drinker? Here are some of our favorites and some we’ve seen on other sites. Good thing there are 31 days in December. Here’s a cookie for every day.

Butterfinger cookies:

Orange Biscotti:

Mom’s anise biscotti:

Sweet Pea’s Marmalade Cookies:

Coconut macaroons:

Chocolate Cookie Crinkles:

Gingerbread biscotti:

Here are some of our favorites from around the blogsphere. If you can’t find something on the list that strikes your fancy expect some coal in your stocking.

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This blog attempts to collect some of the things I try to create with food and booze. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail. My hope is to entertain and maybe help people think a little harder about what they decide to eat and drink.
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64 Responses to Christmas Cookie Roundup

  1. Thanks for including me! What a great roundup.

  2. Hey look, my almond biscotti made the cut! Thanks for the shout out! And I am looking for new holiday cookie recipes, so this list will come in handy!

  3. Goodness, now there’s a collection! 🙂 The orange biscotti look particularly fine…

  4. Thanks for mentioning my Cherry Almond Biscotti! As soon as i saw your anise biscotti I knew that would be the next treat I will make for Ritchey! He loves anise cookies – I KNOW he will love anise biscotti! Will have to try some of the others, too!

  5. Kristy says:

    Holy cow that’s a lot of cookie recipes! Oh where to start, where to start. I had to laugh about the Santa thing…one year, Mr. N insisted on leaving Santa green beans. Believe me, Santa much prefers cookies. 😉

  6. nrhatch says:

    ‘Tis the season to be chubby . . . fa la la la la la la la la!

    Ho~Ho~Ho! Bon Appetit!

  7. I’m a sucker for good biscotti, I’ll have to give one or all of those a try 😉

  8. Korena says:

    My goodness, all those biscotti recipes… YUM. Thanks for the link! 🙂

  9. I can’t wait to go through this list and pick out some amazing cookies. Of course you know the chocolate cookies are my fav 🙂

  10. Joanne says:

    I just love cookies. So excited for the cookie extravaganza to begin!

  11. Oh my goodness, what a selection. Do I have to pick a favorite? I hope not as this would not be an easy decision.

  12. Wow! so many cookie recipes to explore..
    thank you for the list

  13. Great roundup thanks Rufus 🙂

  14. I’ve never made biscotti before, but this round up may have just convinced me I need too! I love Christmas… primarily for the food. 🙂

  15. Thanks for the link back and mention 😀 – I was just thinking of making another round of your gingerbread biscotti and mixing the spices up a bit.
    With all these scrumptious recipes to work through, it’s clearly going to be a weight gaining Christmas.
    🙂 Mandy

  16. Carolyn Chan says:

    You have inspired me to bake cookies this weekend !

  17. sallybr says:

    Every once in a while I see something on a blog and tell myself: “how cool! why didn’t I think of that?”

    you and Katherine just did that with this cookie round up… very nice idea, and the timing is perfect!

    thank you!

  18. Wonderful round up of cookies! And may I just add that everyone should try Sweet Pea’s marmalade biscuits, they’re one of the favourite things I tried this year. Thanks for the link too!

    P.S. I seem to be resisting making biscotti – is it easy to stuff up?

  19. rutheh says:

    A cookie cookbook via the blogosphere- a terrific compendium. Woke up in the night to find your post and it feels like Christmas morning. What a cool gift.
    Seeing as I have to get up in a couple of hours for school, I’ll explore the sites tomorrow. I like the term “cookie roundup” and you know how Pittsburghers feel about their cookies so will be sharing the list around town.

  20. The marmalade cookies look so yummy.

  21. rsmacaalay says:

    That orange biscotti sure looks good. Now wheres my tea.

  22. That´s a lot of cookies! Got to get baking soon….

  23. Charles says:

    Gingerbread biscotti is piquing my interest right now – sounds very festive! Great round-up!

  24. easybaked says:

    I love this post beyond words….. I need to take the month of December off and try all these wonderful recipes!!!! Thanks for the link back– and all the fun new ideas! :o)

  25. Judy says:

    Orange Biscotti sounds wonderful, I can almost taste it in my coffee right now. Holiday cookies are a tradition for us, it is hard to add new recipes because no one is willing to give up any of the usual fare. Maybe I can slip just one more in this year 😉

  26. ceciliag says:

    wow, that is a formidable line-up. Do you make a selection of these and take them to your neighbours as gifts? c

  27. what a great roundup. The marmalade cookies brought back some good old memories when I saw them. My grandmother used to make those and they were the bomb! I need to look through all the others- they all sound delish!

  28. Sissi says:

    My head is spinning! I think I have just had an overdose of virtual cookies 🙂
    Thank you for so many tempting propositions.

  29. It’s impossible to decide where to start with this incredible list. I love cookies! We’ll eat Santa’s portions before he ever has a chance to see them.

  30. spicegirlfla says:

    This is awesome! One stop recipe shopping in one post!! Thanks for sharing my biscotti! I missed your chocolate crinkle cookie…love the presentation! I’d love to serve it exactly like you did for an upcoming dinner party – very classy!!

  31. Everything looks wonderful!

  32. ChgoJohn says:

    So many cookies, so little time! Thanks for putting together such a great lineup. It’s one-stop shopping for holiday cookies.

  33. Cookie overload! I’ll have to re-read some of these and try them out.

  34. jolynccc says:

    mmmmmm cookies nom nom nom…

  35. Sara says:

    So fun to read through this list and dream…I’m not a big cookie maker (though I have plenty of cookie cutters), but it IS December. I have to make crinkles this year, methinks.

  36. Amy says:

    So many tasty choices! I wish I had time to bake christmas cookies this year…

  37. Fox@n says:

    Coconut macaroons = The best thing ever
    Great post and pics bring my stomach to an adventure.

  38. Karen says:

    If you can’t find a good cookie out of all those suggestions, then you just don’t have any tastebuds in your mouth. Thanks for sharing.

  39. I am thrilled that you included my recipe for chewy ginger thins! Thanks so much for the kindness.

  40. what a great idea, I’ve just been writing a list with my children about 25 things to do in the run up to Christmas that don’t involve big spending, and making father christmas biscuits was one
    of them, I shall look through your list for ideas.

  41. egg me on says:

    Yowza, what a roundup!! You’ve got some tasty lookin’ cookies here. The Butterfinger cookies and chocolate cookie crinkles in particular.

  42. Eva Taylor says:

    Wow, coal in my stocking? A bit harsh, no? All of the flavours sound great — reminds me I’ve gotta get on my Christmas baking list!

  43. Maybe if you stuck some cookies in your chimney Mr Claus could be enticed down?
    Excellent list, (and thanks for the link!)
    I spotted a cute little pink espresso cup (if I’m not mistaken), that would look good in my collection too 🙂

  44. Caroline says:

    This list would make the cookie monster a very happy camper. Great roundup! Everything sounds delicious. I’ll most definitely have to give some of these a try during the holidays.

  45. That Chocolate Cookie Crinkles looks beyond ridiculously good.

  46. Courtney says:

    I just knew this would be a dangerous post to read. I am in so much trouble – these all look very tasty!

  47. zestybeandog says:

    I agree with Courtney…. I need a cookie NOW! 🙂

  48. Christina says:

    What a delicious looking roundup!! Thanks for including me. I can’t wait to start my Christmas baking list…it just got a lot longer! 😉

  49. niasunset says:

    This is so beautiful, so sweet and so lovely… I can eat all of them! Thank you dear Rufus, with my love, nia

  50. Tandy says:

    I would play Santa for you to be rewarded with those cookies (all or some will do) 🙂

  51. Cool! Great list. I am going to try to make some amaretti biscuits this weekend. I like the look of those chocolate crinkles. PS: there aint no age limit on Santy x

  52. SimpleP says:

    Oh you rock! This is fantastic. I was hoping to do try some different things this year. Perfect!

  53. i need to make some biscotti now!

  54. Mel says:

    Mmmm, I think my facial expression now resembles Cookie Monster’s……..

  55. Kelly says:

    You’re right, if you can’t find something scrumptious in here, you’re in serious trouble! Great roundup.

  56. nancyc says:

    That’s a great collection of cookie recipes! I want to try the Butterfinger cookies soon!

  57. Such a great variety of cookies recipes and today is National Cookie Day! Thanks for including me in your list. I make a lot of cookies since we have a 4 year old “cookie monster” in the family.

  58. celticircle says:


  59. the Christmas cookie season is one my favorite things! I made my first batch yesterday and can’t wait to do more!

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  61. Hi. You have the most scrumptious cookie recipe! I’m hosting a cookie recipe exchange extravaganza online at The Jenny Evolution and wanted to be sure to invite you. I hope you’ll link up and see if you’re highlighted later in the week 🙂

    Jennifer @ The Jenny Evolution

    P.S. This series is sure to get a lot of attention as it’s going to be a week’s worth of cookies with FIVE different cookie round-us. So be sure to join!

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