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Summer Corn Pudding

Fresh corn on the cob and jalapenos from the garden made this dessert, oops, side dish, out of this world. Creamy, spicy, goodness. Although many recipes call for canned or frozen corn, using the fresh corn not only creates a … Continue reading

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Paw lickin’ good

By Katherine We don’t mention our dogs often in our posts, but they are a constant presence in our kitchen, our home and our hearts. Coltrane, an incorrigible German shepherd mix who’s embarrassingly good at outsmarting us and has personal … Continue reading

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Okra stewed in tomatoes

A lot of people think okra is slimy and gross, I myself thought this before moving to the South. Of course, I had only had okra either deep fried or in terrible gumbos so I really had no frame of … Continue reading

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Return of the Lazy Sunday

Like I said earlier, pizza is all about the dough. Of course here are a few ideas for what to top it with. Above is pesto, fresh tomato, basil and mozzarella.

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Chicken legs stuffed with plum salsa

This technique will also work for turkey, lamb, goat or any other leg meat. Remember to leave the skin on to help hold in the stuffing and crisp the meat as it bakes. Fill the meat with whatever you want. … Continue reading

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Look ma no cans jam

Our regular readers will be shocked and amazed to see this jam contains figs. Those with a fear of canning can stop sweating. This is a quick jam. Chunky plum and fig jam 3 pounds dark-skinned plums (about 12 large) … Continue reading

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On Saturday, our friends Richard and Brian will tie the knot at a winery in upstate New York. We couldn’t be more thrilled for them. So this week’s cocktail is a toast to the happy couple. We wish you all … Continue reading

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Zucchini fritters

If you have an overabundance of zucchini on hand here’s a great way to use it. Aside from marinara you could try the spicy mayo or sun-dried tomato dip over at Savoring Every Bite. Zucchini Fritters 5 cups shredded zucchini … Continue reading

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Squashed squash hopes

Part of gardening is learning through mistakes. For the third year, I have been taught a simple lesson when it comes to squash and zucchini: Don’t bother because the bugs are going to beat you. This year, I tried planting … Continue reading

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Deep dish peach cobblers for two

By Katherine When I moved into a dorm with a kitchen in college, one of the first things I tried to make was the soft, warm, doughy drop biscuits my parents just whipped right up almost every night for dinner. … Continue reading

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