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Bastardizing the Bellini

By Katherine We really are the worst tourists. On our honeymoon in Venice, we decided to pop by the famed Harry’s Bar, birthplace of the bellini. We took a look at the menu, decided the bellinis were overpriced and walked … Continue reading

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One funky fruit salad and fruit recipes you’ll really like

Here’s a fruit salad that’s not for everyone. Grapes, blueberries, a little fresh tarragon, a little honey and blue cheese. I can practically hear Yummy Chunklet going “eww” from here. I wanted to share some other fruit ideas from some … Continue reading

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The First Romas

I must say everything has been perfect in the garden so far. This of course means something really bad is just waiting over the horizon, like a family of possums taking up residence in the woods behind the house. Oh … Continue reading

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Grilled Pineapple Salsa

This is a simple salsa that develops a more complex flavor with the grilling of the pineapple. Make sure to leave the rind on while grilling so the pineapple does not fall apart. A fresh jalapeno can be added if … Continue reading

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Starter Naan

As, I’ve mentioned before I don’t cook a lot of Indian food, I’m trying to change this and Katherine did bring a wonderful cookbook back from her trip to London. But I didn’t really like the flat bread recipe it … Continue reading

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Smoked Brats

Ok I really just did this post to show off the superior smoke permeation in those sausages. I mean it almost got all the way to the center. Anyway sausage is one of the great meats that can be tossed … Continue reading

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Grilled Zucchini with Goat Cheese

This only works with a really soft cheese, which is why I like to use goat cheese. The cream cheese like consistency works into the slices really well and the flavor pairs very well with the sweetness of the zucchini. … Continue reading

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Drinks from Down Under

My wife recently picked up a copy of My Grill by Pete Evans, an Australian chef. The recipes are making me salivate — mixed kabobs with beer damper… Indian-spiced grilled fish in banana leaves… trout with mild mushrooms, proscuitto and … Continue reading

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My fantastic (garlic) braiding skills

A week after pulling the garlic, it was ready to be braided and sorted. Braiding is not technically necessary, but it makes storing easier, not to mention warding off vampires, and it looks so much nicer. I like to hang … Continue reading

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Blackberry jam

Here is another simple and delicious jam. Again, the best jam is made from the freshest almost overripe fruit, so if you don’t grow it yourself find a place that does. I like blackberry jam really chunky, if you prefer … Continue reading

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