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Frigid Russian

Because it’s just too dang hot for a White Russian…. Frigid Russian 2 cups Vanilla ice cream 1 ounce Kahlua 1/2 ounce vodka chocolate syrup to taste Maraschino cherry for garnish Blend ice cream and liquors in blender. If mixture … Continue reading

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Devilishly simple deviled eggs

We’ve had some pretty fantastic deviled eggs. In Memphis, we noshed on ones with smoked turkey, or was it quail? Or maybe foie gras and caviar eggs… To be honest, we think those fancy concoctions are all fine and good, … Continue reading

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Grilled Corn

This is a great way to cook corn on the cob. The husk traps the heat and steams the kernels and the fire gives a nice smoke as well. The corn can also be cut from the cob after cooking … Continue reading

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Barbecued Boston baked beans

My lovely wife Katherine … My betrothed balked at the idea of making Boston Baked beans. “Do you know how long that takes?” This from the man who takes few shortcuts in the kitchen. So I took matters into my … Continue reading

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Barbecue Sauce

Now that barbecue season has truly arrived here is my recipe for barbecue sauce. Everyone has their own taste when it comes to barbecue sauce, so I expect a lot of adjustments to occur. As for the recipe for the … Continue reading

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White sangria

A bit lighter and more summery than its ruby cousin, white sangria is easy to make and drink. Feel free to use whatever fruits you please. (If peaches were in season, we’d throw in some of those.) We like letting … Continue reading

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Potato salad, hold the mayo

My wife on the evils of mayonnaise…. I hate mayonnaise. I hate the way it jiggles; the way it smells; the noise it makes coming off a spoon; but mainly the way it tastes. This makes simple dishes, tuna fish, … Continue reading

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The humble burger and a Memorial Day preview

The wife and I love an excuse to grill out and thankfully can do so year round. Sure, the bugs may eat me alive (mosquitoes seem to think I taste better than Katherine) and the heat may kill me come … Continue reading

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Strawberries, check. Amaretto, check. Sour cream?

One of my wife’s coworkers made this years back at a party. Let’s just say we monopolized the dip bowl at that gathering. Strawberry dip 8 ounces sour cream, we recommend light it’s tangier 2 tbsp Amaretto 1 tbsp powdered … Continue reading

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Artichoke Bowls

Artichokes can be such impressive vegetables and are quite filling. Although this can be served as the main course, I find it works better as a first plate or appetizer. Usually one normal-sized artichoke will be enough for two adults … Continue reading

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