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French toast with figs and mascarpone cream

By Katherine I couldn’t quite execute my plan to finish this before Greg awoke one recent Sunday. When he came in doing his Shaun of the dead walk, the kitchen was in a state. The top was off the Grand … Continue reading

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Baked eggs with tomatoes

This is an excellent choice for brunch or on a weeknight when the desire for breakfast at dinner strikes. Canned tomatoes can be substituted for fresh with fairly good results in the sauce. If you prefer eggs over hard, instead … Continue reading

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Figs in Cognac Caramel

Fortune has smiled on us in the form of fig trees. Not our own fig trees mind you, but those of friends willing to share their bounty or even ladders to make sure our fig supply runneth over. Figs in … Continue reading

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Peach margaritas

Baby, it’s hot outside. Peach margaritas 4 peaches, skinned and pitted 3/4 cup fresh orange juice 1 ounce peach schnapps 1 cup tequila juice from half a lime ice Place ingredients in blender with several handfuls of ice. Blend until … Continue reading

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Picking figs, and living to tell the tale

Musings by Katherine, photos by Greg This may be the most important advice anyone will ever give you about fig picking: Wear gloves. Do not leave them in the car and proceed to let fig juice run down your wrists … Continue reading

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I heard gazpacho referred to as a finely chopped vegetable salad and I have to agree. I have seen many recipes that use a food processor or blender, but, to me, the best results always come from chopping everything by … Continue reading

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Pastrami Hash

Recently I made pastrami and though I hate to admit it, after a week of awesome sandwiches I was beginning to get a little tired of the smoked delight. So I decided to make corned beef hash with the remaining … Continue reading

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Tapas for Two

I love the flavor of anchovies and capers, something this spread uses in spades. My wife, who also likes their flavor, felt that I may have gone overboard with the anchovies. For those of you who prefer a slightly lighter … Continue reading

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Blackberry jam muffins

By Katherine Greg likes to sleep in on Sundays. He tells me to wake him up, but I usually shut the door  to keep the dogs from pacing around the bed. After a certain point they just whine from the … Continue reading

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Tomato pie

One of the first cookbooks we bought together is called The Complete Encyclopedia of Vegetables and Vegetarian Cooking by Roz Denny and Christine Ingram. It’s one of our favorites, because the recipes are simple, healthy and fresh. We’ve had it … Continue reading

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