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Our $78 broiled macaroons

My wife’s mission to make me the perfect macaroon continues… but at what cost? The oven caught fire the last time I tried to bake macaroons. Perhaps the cooking gods are telling me to leave these sort of things in … Continue reading

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Stuffing Chicken Breasts

Here’s another how-to post. I like this process whenever I use cheese in stuffing because hardly any leaks out. As you can see the breast is deboned, but I left the skin on. This is for a few reasons: it … Continue reading

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The Quest for Greens

As a Yankee in the south, I try to fit in as best as possible. Of course my perfect, non-regional, diction usually gives me away. Alas, I am cursed with the ability to complete a sentence without a minute pause … Continue reading

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Chuck roast finally went on sale this week and not a moment to soon. We were down to the last half pound of hamburger in the freezer. So I bought about 20 pounds of chuck roast for about $40 and … Continue reading

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Getting the Green Thumb

Well it is mid February so that means it is time to start the garden. One of the advantages to living in the south is an extremely long growing season. The garlic and carrots I started last November after remulching … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day

As a change of pace, my wife decided she wanted to cook the Valentine’s Day meal. Granted I still helped with some of the preparation, but she made sure to keep me from taking over. The menu was simpler than … Continue reading

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Strawberries in Grand Marnier

Here’s a healthy dessert idea courtesy of my wife. The trick is to slice the berries fairly large and let them soak up the liquor for a couple hours in the refrigerator. Strawberries in Grand Marnier 5-7 strawberries per person … Continue reading

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Chicken Breasts

As requested, this post is in response to a reader’s comment. No, it is not on onions. Not yet. Here are step-by-step instructions for deboning a chicken breast. As I cook different meats I will break down how to butcher … Continue reading

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Super Sandwich #1

This example of an insanely delicious sandwich is courtesy of a dream I had. A dream where I also discovered how to create world peace, end the dependence on fossil fuels, and stop Michael Bay from directing movies. Thankfully, I at … Continue reading

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Cornflake Chicken

This dish is one of my wife’s favorite comfort foods. Her mother made it when she was growing up and she taught it to me. Of course it is really just homemade shake and bake, but that is what makes … Continue reading

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