The Planting Continues

Some of these carrots may have needed a little more time in the ground

This last weekend I decided to go ahead and plant all of my tomatoes and peppers. This meant the carrots had to come out a little early. I did this because the temperature has been way too high all through March leading me to assume that this summer is going to be hotter than normal. I figure the sooner the tomatoes can get going the better the crop before the heat kills them off. Along with the normal Roma plants, I also put in some heirloom and beefsteak varieties.

Unfortunately the carrots had to be sacrificed since space is a factor in the garden. The crop had done really well since the ground never really froze over winter so I only lost about half the plants pulling them early.

Well they were just really small carrots to be honest, but they still taste better in one bite than 10 bites worth of store bought. Next year I am going to double the space for winter carrots and plant each row wider, hoping to encourage faster growth in the shorter warm period.

I also decided to overplant the jalapenos and cayenne peppers this time, partially because of the mix up last year. I figure since one of each plant will supply me with a year worth of peppers, three plants should just about turn the overkill up to 11. Hey, I just need to find more uses for hot peppers, a task I look forward to.

The earth mounds really help trap the water around the plant

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48 Responses to The Planting Continues

  1. rutheh says:

    You are way ahead of Pittsburghers in the gardening although our weather has been summer like. We never had a real winter with frozen ground. Not that I am complaining but magnolias and flowering pears are blooming in MARCH? Unheard of up here. Feels off somehow. I hope I can be inspired to get out into my garden soon and get caught up.Looking forward to more hot pepper recipes.

  2. Carolyn Chan says:

    Gosh I can imagine how much better the carrots would taste straight from your garden and onto a salad on your plate.

  3. Laura Parisi says:

    I am jealous. Up here in Portland, we don’t dare to put tomatoes in the ground before Mother’s Day.

  4. Kristy says:

    Wow! Tomatoes already?! You’ve got me thinking of a caprese salad now. 🙂

  5. I can only imagine.. and dream of a growing season beginning this early!

  6. fivereflections says:

    the tradition in Maine is to plant on Memorial Day weekend – danger of frost before then – but some brave souls are lucky – the goal fresh peas and salmon on the fourth of july!

    good luck finding recipes for hot peppers – hope you post each one!
    Fresh chopped jalapeños in scrambled eggs are always enjoyable…

    David in Maine

  7. Purely.. Kay says:

    My mother simply love hot peppers but personally.. I don’t know what to do with them either lol. I can’t wait to see the garlic braiding 🙂

  8. Jessica says:

    Love the carrot photo!

  9. The carrots look great! Home-grown are the best and sweetest.

  10. Tandy says:

    I love the way the carrots look!

  11. 🙂 I, too love the carrots, even if some are baby… You could grill them and eat them as is… 🙂

  12. To keep their carrots fresh the farmers in this area keep them in long narrow, lidded boxes, like coffins, and cover the carrots completely in dry sand. To be honest, Greg, a carrot knows more about farming than I, but that’s what I’ve seen.

  13. Beautiful carrots and we´ve also planted a first “wave” of tomatoes and peppers. Like you, I´m a bit unsure re hot chilli peppers this year. I had so many last year I´ll never get through them!

  14. I always grow way too many chilies, they come in too many shapes, colours and flavours fo rme not to!!
    I love the small carrots simply sauted in some olive oil, it sweetens them up even more, and then some fresh mint. Aahhhh, it’s a while before I get any from my garden!!

  15. Alli says:

    How cool, I’m sure they taste lovely and the little ones are prefect for roasting whole

  16. You always have successful crops even if you have to remove them early.
    🙂 Mandy

  17. BrainRants says:

    You clearly have some great soil there – I can tell by looking at the picture. Lucky.

  18. alex says:

    How exciting to be thinking of planting, we are still stuck in the cold here, won’t be long though.

  19. SimpleP says:

    We’re looking at planting snap peas up here. Still a little cool for the tomatoes and peppers yet. Can’t wait to start digging! Looking forward to those hot pepper recipes.

    Begun, the gardening season has…

  21. Mad Dog says:

    They look like excellent carrots – the little ones always taste best 😉

  22. You guys are way ahead this year! Awesome. Excited for all your fresh veggies.

  23. Judy says:

    I am planting lettuce and a couple other cool weather things this week. First time I’ve ever started my garden before Mother’s Day, but as warm as it has been it may be the year to take the chance.

  24. Sissi says:

    I love watching other people’s adventures with real gardens. Meanwhile the only sprouting plant I have on my balcony is rocket (it grows as quickly as weeds!).

  25. ChgoJohn says:

    The weather has been unbelievable and I wondered how it would affect you guys. It never occurred to me that it could mean a shortened growing season for your tomatoes. It sure does look good seeing tomatoes in the ground already, even if they are a few states to the south.

  26. zestybeandog says:

    I’m so envious! What lovely carrots! I can’t wait until it’s my turn to have a garden! 🙂 Soon, very soon!

  27. nrhatch says:

    Gardening is an excellent hobby . . . sow, reap, eat!

  28. I love gardening but am afraid it is still too early here. It is supposed to be in the 80s today and that is record setting for here. I am afraid if I plant we will still have frost. Guess I will wait a while yet but your tomato plants look great.

  29. egg me on says:

    Mmm … what’s up, doc?? Those look like pretty awesome carrots to me. Wish I could taste ’em! Also, I’m very impressed with your planting schedule. How do you find time to cook, tend to a garden, blog and do your day job??

  30. Now you have me really contemplating.. I was thinking about taking part in planting my food at an organic farm in HK. I should just go and do it. I cant wait to see the dishes this week from Rufus Food and Spirit and carrot recipes.

  31. niasunset says:

    How beautiful and how exciting… Good Luck for your amazing garden. Thank you dear Rufus, with my love, nia

  32. What the heck are winter carrots? You can actually grow thing in the ground during winter? Not here, even though it was not a hard winter, there is no way anything is growing in our frozen earth. Lucky you. The carrots look great, I look forward to some exciting recipes with them!

  33. How’s it in Arkansas now? We’re hitting a high of 78 degrees in Chicago, and it’s already reminding me of the hotter weather from my childhood…

  34. I pickled jalopeno pepers for the first time last year…I think it was a success…haven’t tried them yet 🙂 Your post has just reminded me they are still in the cupboard

  35. What beautiful carrots you have my friend! Isn’t the weather weirdly warm but great for gardening? Does this mean we will have a summer that sizzles with not enough rain for our little beloved plants? I do not know the answers to these questions, but I, like you are going forth and planting.

  36. Kelly says:

    I had no idea that’s what earth mounds were for… it makes entire sense. Those carrots look great to me – nothing like the taste of a carrot pulled from the ground.

  37. Wow – you’ve been busy! Can’t wait to read later in the summer – all of your yummy tomato and pepper ideas!

  38. Planting our own vegetables is very healthy…

  39. Karen says:

    Look at you! Tomatoes in the ground and I’ve just planted seed. I sounds like a good idea…who knows how hot it will be this year with all the records being broken now. You should have small green tomatoes by the time mine get in the ground on Memorial Day.

  40. It is amazing how different the weather this year has been to everyone. We’ve had a colder winter with more rain than usual, it is still really cold at night and we get frosty mornings too

  41. Sacrifices have to be made for the good of the tomato crop…period.

  42. karencooking says:

    I miss having a garden. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  43. ....RaeDi says:

    You do not know how lucky you are to be able to plant tomatoes now! I was telling T and he just looked at me! Cannot wait to see all of the tomatoes from your garden!

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