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Upside Down Chicken Florentine

The word Florentine in a recipe usually means something served on top of a bed of sauteed spinach. The spinach can have a number of different vegetables, cheeses and creams in it, but something gets placed on top. Well that … Continue reading

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Time’s Up for the Arugula

Between going on vacation and the temperature being above the mid 90’s last week, the arugula and spinach had had enough. Also from the looks in the above photo the garlic is going to come out within a day or … Continue reading

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Let the Gardening Begin

Well it is that time again. When everything is hopeful and bright and the weather is perfect. It is time to grab the pitchfork and turn some soil. The garlic and carrots are doing great from the winter, but the … Continue reading

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Polenta for Breakfast

By Katherine It is only fair since I made fun of Greg for his kitchen meltdown a few months back that I come clean. I planned to make Joanne’s bacon and toast cups using a bit of spinach, leftover polenta … Continue reading

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Stuffed mushrooms with ham and cheddar

These are really quick and a great way to use some of that leftover Christmas ham. The mushrooms need to be stuffed a few hours ahead of time so the filling can set in the refrigerator for three hours. Stuffed … Continue reading

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