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Sunday Suppers

We don’t often talk about our meals here at the Rufus Guide. Yes, we talk all the time about food and on special occasions we might mention what we ate as a first course and for dessert. But we normally … Continue reading

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Chocolate and Strawberry Tall Cakes

By Katherine We tend to favor less fussy desserts and I’d been craving a simple strawberry and chocolate dessert using some leftover puff pastry. On the morning of our anniversary, I asked Greg if he’d roll it out and cut … Continue reading

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Red Meat and Caffeine

By Katherine On Valentine’s Day, I had planned to make this fantastic stuffed beef tenderloin that She Cooks He Cleans shared. But the butcher was only selling whole tenderloins about as long as my arm, and doing the math gave … Continue reading

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Yet Another Lazy Sunday

This weekend is a big sports day in the states and I feel a little lazy. The photos are from Katherine’s smart phone during my birthday meal at Ashley’s. I would not let her turn on the flash since: A) … Continue reading

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The rum cake diaries

By Katherine Greg isn’t that big on sweets, but he has a few favorites. He loves macaroons, a small slice of ricotta cheesecake, a bit of tiramisu and of course biscotti. His mom also makes a rum cake that’s a … Continue reading

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