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Pepper preservation

This year was a difficult one for peppers. Of course that is all my fault. Normally this year would have been perfect for all my peppers. I did have a phenomenal jalapeno crop. I had enough success with the late … Continue reading

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Prepping the spice cabinet for winter

As the weather cools it is time to trim back the spice plants and dry out the remaining leaves for use over the winter. I like to over cut whenever I use a spice so I have leaves drying pretty … Continue reading

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Bread crumbs

This is a fairly simple idea. Buy a multitude of different day-old bakery breads, dry them out in the oven and store until needed. The store-bought stuff can’t touch crumbs from sourdoughs, pumpernickle, rye and others. It also has far … Continue reading

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Homemade Broth

I have found that adding broth instead of water to almost everything improves the flavor and complexity of a dish. I have also found that unless you spend a good amount of money on it, store brand broths are too … Continue reading

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Vanilla Vodka

I normally hate commercially flavored vodkas. They are almost always too sweet and the flavor overpowers the senses. Unfortunately, I like the idea of vanilla vodka for many drinks. The solution was to make an infusion myself. It is surprising just … Continue reading

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This salsa is about medium heat for my taste. Of course everyone has their own spice tolerance. Some folks may consider it too hot and some will drink it down and say V8 has more kick. Reduce the jalapeño to … Continue reading

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Marinara Sauce

The first thing I ever cooked completely by myself was marinara sauce. It was for the final project in 7th grade home economics. I had watched my mother prepare sauce hundreds of times. So I asked for the recipe. My … Continue reading

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Orange Marmalade

On a recent trip to Great Britain I learned to appreciate a hearty breakfast. This was due to the fact that most British cuisine never exceeds bar food and after a week there is only so much fried fish and … Continue reading

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Cooking Wine

I am not an expert cook. Nor am I a food writer or any other type of culinary professional. Like a lot of people I just like to cook. Over the last few years I have tried to improve my … Continue reading

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Dried Figs

Once again my wife came home with figs from a co-worker. This time I had about ten pounds stuffed into two engorged shopping bags. Thinking it a genius idea, they went into the fridge where I hoped to gain more … Continue reading

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