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The only Fig Tart recipe you’ll need

This is the greatest fig dessert ever. It is also extremely difficult and time consuming, not to mention horribly fattening. Give me two servings. We found the recipe on the Los Angeles Times’ website a few years back. Yes, it’s … Continue reading

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Lemon bars worth driving to Pasadena for

Tangy, rich, creamy. Lemon bars combine so many succulent traits, it’s hard to know where to start. (A good crust helps.) We’ve seen a number of recipes recently, but making lemon bars kept getting pushed farther down on our to-do … Continue reading

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The only brownie recipe you’ll ever need

Here is another guest post from my talented wife. Cheesecake. Coffee. Amaretto. Who has enough brownie recipes? (We have three standbys just in our recipe scrapbook.) Still, I have a hands down, by far favorite. One that’s so popular in … Continue reading

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