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In Our Kitchen

Who can guess what is pictured above. Winner gets a super prize called self satisfaction. Here is another hint. Pork shoulder finally went on sale. Enough hints. Anyway a friend made us a fantastic note holder out of old corks. … Continue reading

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Rufus Reruns: Grill Master Part One

Ready, set, smoke! We’re reaching into our archives this week and reposting some of our old favorites. Here’s a three parter on smoking poultry. First you’ll need to truss the bird Next comes the brining And finally the smoking And … Continue reading

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Rufus Reruns: Is There a Butcher in the House?

We took a bit of time off last week, so the kitchen isn’t as busy. We’ll be airing some reruns this week and will resume our normal scheduling soon. In the mean time, bone up on your deboning with this … Continue reading

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Uncle Charlie’s Trick

Here is a different way to finish a risotto from my Uncle Charlie’s repertoire. I made a mushroom risotto and instead of using Romano cheese at the end I used two tablespoons of mascarpone. The final result was very rich, … Continue reading

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A Little More Demo

After two days of jack hammering the tile floor is removed in the kitchen, powder room and laundry room. We had to remove the tile because the previous owners cut a few corners and did not tile under the old … Continue reading

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First Tomato Harvest

The tomato plants have finally started turning out enough ripe fruit for actual dishes instead of just enough to eat before returning inside the house. The heirloom and beefsteak plants are now tall enough that I have begun to top … Continue reading

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Time’s Up for the Arugula

Between going on vacation and the temperature being above the mid 90’s last week, the arugula and spinach had had enough. Also from the looks in the above photo the garlic is going to come out within a day or … Continue reading

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Carving the beast, a Thanksgiving how to

Here is a quick rundown of how I carve a bird. If you prefer to cut it at the table as people request it then more power to you. In my opinion it is far less of a mess to … Continue reading

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The cookbooks I can’t live without

I know. It seems so passe. Everything’s on the Internet these days. No one uses cookbooks anymore. Well I do. Nevermind, all the Epicurious searches or lunches spent surfing food blogs, I still have opened up Better Homes and Gardens‘ … Continue reading

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