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On herb gardens and selective green thumbs

By Katherine The woman who owned our home before us was such an avid gardener she planted the neighbor’s side yard. Azaleas lined the walkway. Lantana bushes surrounded the mailbox. She had an intricate sprinkler system on an automatic timer. … Continue reading

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The First Romas

I must say everything has been perfect in the garden so far. This of course means something really bad is just waiting over the horizon, like a family of possums taking up residence in the woods behind the house. Oh … Continue reading

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My fantastic (garlic) braiding skills

A week after pulling the garlic, it was ready to be braided and sorted. Braiding is not technically necessary, but it makes storing easier, not to mention warding off vampires, and it looks so much nicer. I like to hang … Continue reading

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A bumper crop of garlic

There is nothing better than a successful harvest. After months of work and effort when something in the garden succeeds without too many problems I consider it a good day. This was my second year to grow garlic and because … Continue reading

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Garlic Scapes

I always look forward to when it is time to cut the garlic scapes (the stalks that rise from the center of the plant) for two reasons. One it means the garlic will soon be ready to harvest and two … Continue reading

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Pruning the Tomatoes

It finally stopped raining two days ago after almost three straight weeks. That meant I was able to check on the garden. One of the advantages to raised beds and slightly sandy soil is that excess water drains pretty fast … Continue reading

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