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The Fall Garden

This year I am attempting a fall garden. I put in a late crop of spinach and arugula and hope to harvest by mid November. With the crazy weather that has been going on who knows if the plants will … Continue reading

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My Parents’ Garden

Recently we went to the East Coast for my brother’s wedding and took some time to visit my parents’ garden. Many hours of my childhood were spent weeding and watering it. My mother and father have come up with some … Continue reading

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Scarecrows and Compost

I have tried a lot of different ways to scare away birds from the garden. The most effective and cheapest has been hanging old beat up CDs. Sunlight reflects off them and they blow with the wind creating an ever … Continue reading

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Prepping the spice cabinet for winter

As the weather cools it is time to trim back the spice plants and dry out the remaining leaves for use over the winter. I like to over cut whenever I use a spice so I have leaves drying pretty … Continue reading

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Planting season… again?

We got these seeds for free awhile back and since falls are pretty mild down here when they finally start around Dec. 1, I thought I’d try my hand at autumn planting. Of course it is also almost time to … Continue reading

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Squashed squash hopes

Part of gardening is learning through mistakes. For the third year, I have been taught a simple lesson when it comes to squash and zucchini: Don’t bother because the bugs are going to beat you. This year, I tried planting … Continue reading

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Our Kitchen on a Sunday Afternoon

By Katherine and Greg This one is for Holly, who keeps asking to see our kitchen. When Katherine’s parents saw the color scheme we’d chosen, they promptly gave us John Deere dish towels. A friend made our curtains. We love … Continue reading

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Out with the tomatoes, in with the peppers

Temperatures well above 100 for the last few weeks signaled the end of the tomato plants. All in all, I had an extremely successful crop, with no disease or major animal theft. The process of pruning and trimming the tops … Continue reading

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Seven Links (and then some) Challenge

Raymund over at Ang Sarap (A Tagalog word for “It’s Delicious”), Sissi over at with a glass, and Yummy Chunklet recently invited us to participate in the seven links challenge. We are not accepting this challenge. OK, we are, but … Continue reading

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Picking figs, and living to tell the tale

Musings by Katherine, photos by Greg This may be the most important advice anyone will ever give you about fig picking: Wear gloves. Do not leave them in the car and proceed to let fig juice run down your wrists … Continue reading

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