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Twelve Days of Christmas: Gingersnaps You Can Drink

We wanted to make gingersnap martinis, but found some recipes that called for simple syrup and molasses puzzling. Does molasses blend well when cold? Isn’t its progress supposed to be severely inhibited by ice? We didn’t bother finding out, instead … Continue reading

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Cranberry almond fizz

This is a great drink for Thanksgiving. Those who want to make it nonalcoholic, can skip the Amaretto and add about a teaspoon of almond extract. Yes, we know that has some alcohol, but as long as you don’t chug … Continue reading

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Two Spoons’ Ginger Marmalade Cake

I found this cake over at Two Spoons. It tickled my fancy for a few reasons. We were going out of town and had let our supply of fresh produce dwindle. We were entertaining, but didn’t want to leave half … Continue reading

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Dark and Stormy

The name of this drink brings to mind typhoons and shipwrecks. Drink too many and your head may feel like it took the same kind of beating the next day. This is another drink that a good friend (who happens … Continue reading

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