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Garlic Update

A reader helped me recall that this year I planted soft neck garlic for the first time. This is the reason why there were not any scapes and the stalks all fell over weeks ago but the garlic is still … Continue reading

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Trimming Garlic Scapes and Plucking Flowers

The first of the garlic scapes have begun to sprout out and I cannot wait to cook them up. Scapes are the shoots that come out of the center of a garlic plant signaling the garlic will soon be ready … Continue reading

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Let the Gardening Begin

Well it is that time again. When everything is hopeful and bright and the weather is perfect. It is time to grab the pitchfork and turn some soil. The garlic and carrots are doing great from the winter, but the … Continue reading

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Let the bug inspections begin

After everything that happened to the garlic this year, I still harvested about 15 medium sized bulbs. Since I had been prepared for none it seems to have worked out. Of course it could have been more than 30 large … Continue reading

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Out with the Arugula

I decided to try dill to see how well it will do in the South. I have a feeling it won’t do too well, but hey I found the clay pot and needed something to do with it. I did … Continue reading

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Garlic 0, Dog 2

Once again my dog has decided that we just should not have a crop of garlic this year. After he did this, I tried to create a buffer of chairs so he could not jump the fence. They failed. I … Continue reading

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My fantastic (garlic) braiding skills

A week after pulling the garlic, it was ready to be braided and sorted. Braiding is not technically necessary, but it makes storing easier, not to mention warding off vampires, and it looks so much nicer. I like to hang … Continue reading

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