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Butter Roasted Chicken with Seasonal Root Vegetables

We keep our roasted chicken simple. It doesn’t take many ingredients for a bird to sing. This recipe makes the most of root vegetables and gives turnips a bit of sweetness. Feel free to add carrots, onions or your other … Continue reading

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Rufus Reruns: Grill Master Part One

Ready, set, smoke! We’re reaching into our archives this week and reposting some of our old favorites. Here’s a three parter on smoking poultry. First you’ll need to truss the bird Next comes the brining And finally the smoking And … Continue reading

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Rufus Reruns: Is There a Butcher in the House?

We took a bit of time off last week, so the kitchen isn’t as busy. We’ll be airing some reruns this week and will resume our normal scheduling soon. In the mean time, bone up on your deboning with this … Continue reading

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Roasted Chicken with Sweet Potato and Onion

By Katherine   This was so ridiculously simple that I didn’t even think to do a post on it. But Greg insisted and a good wife should never argue with her husband. Hey, does anyone else smell smoke? I might … Continue reading

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Chicken and Coconut Curry

This meal is simple to prepare and doesn’t take too long to cook. It was inspired by Madhur Jaffrey’s Kerala-style Chicken Curry in Curry Easy. Serve it with jasmine rice or naan. Chicken and Coconut Curry 2 chicken breasts, skinned … Continue reading

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Roasted Chicken stuffed with Citrus

This is a great way to roast a whole bird. Although chicken works the best any type of fowl will work. The cooking time is faster since there is no stuffing in the cavity that will be eaten. An assortment … Continue reading

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Chicken Marinade #3023

This is a really simple marinade. I deboned the chicken breasts to shorten the cooking time but left on the skin for an added treat. Any type of chicken will work for this. I strained the juice from a can … Continue reading

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Asian Fusion Chicken

This is a simple marinade that will work for four large chicken breasts or six to eight thighs or legs. Grill the meat for the best results, but it can be baked in a pinch. Asian Marinade 1/4 cup soy … Continue reading

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Chicken Liver Rules

This pate is basically adapted from the great Julia. It lasts for about a week and makes enough for a good sized dinner party. Serve on crackers or crusts of bread fried in olive oil. It’s also great on leftover … Continue reading

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Chicken and Shrimp with Pasta

It has been said that this dish was invented for Napolean himself. He must have had an Italian chef traveling around with him. The bread does not have to be fried in butter unless you want a gut like the … Continue reading

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