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Here’s to Your Health

Wondering what to drink on Saint Patrick’s Day? We’ve got some ideas. Irish Cappuccino Lucky Milkshakes Peppermint Patricks

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What we drank in Oregon

So we went to Oregon primarily to check out the wine regions, but dang if Portland is not full of really really good beer. Aside from the nationally recognized Rogue distillery, the city alone is home to many excellent microbrews … Continue reading

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Drinking Your Bread

This is a great way to use up some leftover party beer that maybe you do not like that much. Any beer will work including light, but the heavier and darker the beer the heavier the flavor will be in … Continue reading

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Country Boy Grilling

Many people out there may consider beer can cooking to be slightly country bumpkin. Most others would just classify it as redneck cuisine. What it lacks for in class, it makes up for in simplicity. Due to the beer can … Continue reading

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Beer-Battered Onion Rings are Perfection

I love fried onions. Whether they are in rings, petals, shredded, or the entire onion is deep fried does not matter. What does matter is picking the right process to make them. This is how to make the tastiest, crispiest, … Continue reading

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Drunken Pintos

Make sure to buy at least a six pack. You only use one, but they take a while to cook and you’ll need to occupy your hands somehow. Serve with tacos. Or just eat from the pan, while drinking the … Continue reading

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Guinness is good for you

Any excuse to buy Guinness is good in my book. We saw this recipe over at Serious Food For the Soul and made a few adjustments because of what we had on hand. No parsley, seriously! Afterward, we had extra … Continue reading

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