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Cranberry almond fizz

This is a great drink for Thanksgiving. Those who want to make it nonalcoholic, can skip the Amaretto and add about a teaspoon of almond extract. Yes, we know that has some alcohol, but as long as you don’t chug … Continue reading

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The accidentally upside down peach cake

By Katherine A coworker brought in a bushel of peaches recently and something odd happened. They sat in our office all day. A store-bought cake would’ve been gone in 10 minutes. Day-old cupcakes, there would’ve been a line. So I … Continue reading

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Peach Jam with Amaretto

I know this is repetitive, but the best jam comes from very ripe fresh fruit. That said the addition of fresh nutmeg and Amaretto really kick this jam into another level of tastiness. For those who don’t know how I … Continue reading

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Strawberries, check. Amaretto, check. Sour cream?

One of my wife’s coworkers made this years back at a party. Let’s just say we monopolized the dip bowl at that gathering. Strawberry dip 8 ounces sour cream, we recommend light it’s tangier 2 tbsp Amaretto 1 tbsp powdered … Continue reading

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Like coffee, licorice and chocolate? Read on…

We started to label this, but coffee and Sambuca granita with chocolate crinkle cookies and Amaretto whipped cream was just too long. My wife whipped this up for company recently. She wanted something that wouldn’t be too heavy after lasagna. … Continue reading

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Chocolate zabaglione with an amaretti twist

This is a great twist on the standard zabaglione recipe. It can be topped with fresh Amaretto whipped cream, fruit, amaretti cookies or eaten plain. Or it can be poured over vanilla ice cream and topped with everything above. Or … Continue reading

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