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Katherine’s Mustard Potato Salad

By Katherine I go to great lengths to avoid mayonnaise. It is a vile creation that resembles many things that should not be discussed on food blogs. There should be a 10,000 percent tax on mayo so I no longer … Continue reading

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Deconstructed Potato Salad

We miss a lot of trends here at the Rufus Guide. You won’t see a single recipe for macarons. (Although we dig macaroons and Katherine managed to set the oven on fire once making those.) We only have one recipe … Continue reading

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The versatile wife

By Katherine A number of bloggers have bestowed awards on the Rufus site lately. Cecelia over at the kitchen garden (my God are all New Zealanders that side splittingly funny?) and Linda (I think she may be Greg’s long-lost cousin) … Continue reading

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Osso Buco

Lately, peasant food is all the rage. Dishes that used to be inexpensive and called for ingredients most people would not use have begun to cost more than a steak. Consider Osso Buco. My wife wanted me to make the … Continue reading

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The Mojito in two acts

Nothing says summer is coming to me more than when my four mint plants start producing gigantic leaves. Of course in the South, this means summer starts in May and ends around late October. Now any sane person would wonder … Continue reading

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The (nearly) perfect macaroon

Here is the final installment in my wife’s macaroon adventure. I have found the perfect macaroon recipe. Now, I just need the perfect chef. Since we visited Belfast last year, I’ve been on a quest for the perfect macaroon, a … Continue reading

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Black and Blonde

Normally, I would call you a heretic if there was a mixed stout in your hand. Unless what was in there was called a Black and Blonde. The best reason why this is so is because both Harp and Guinness … Continue reading

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Corned Beef and Cabbage with Guinness

Saint Patrick’s Day is my second favorite holiday, beaten only by the fantastic Thanksgiving. Perhaps it is because both are so centered on food and booze. Or maybe it is because both glorify excess. Whatever the reason, I look forward … Continue reading

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The cookbooks I can’t live without

I know. It seems so passe. Everything’s on the Internet these days. No one uses cookbooks anymore. Well I do. Nevermind, all the Epicurious searches or lunches spent surfing food blogs, I still have opened up Better Homes and Gardens‘ … Continue reading

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Grilled Pesto Chicken Breasts

Every year I spend about a month making pesto — May to be exact. That is when the first crop of arugula is ready for harvest and the local farmers market is in full swing. I go to the farmers … Continue reading

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