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Some Things are Finished

The kitchen is awaiting counters before I can finish installing little things like the sink and dishwasher. For a while we used a trick that originated in San Diego when we lived in a garage with no counters. Dog crates … Continue reading

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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

By Katherine If all goes according to schedule our new kitchen cabinets should be installed this week. That clears the way for the counter people to come and take measurements. It will be another three to five weeks before those … Continue reading

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A New Floor

The tile is done and it turned out great in the end. This tile floor is the third one I have done and it posed new and different problems. Like previous floors I started by placing a layer of cement … Continue reading

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A New Door

The next thing to do in our kitchen remodel was install a new patio door. We went with a French door for two main reasons. One, we could get big things in and out of the house without taking them … Continue reading

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The Demo is Done

I have finally gotten all the damage and old stuff out. I wish the folks who built this house had not cut so many corners. I mean why couldn’t there be a coat of prime on the drywall even if … Continue reading

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A Little More Demo

After two days of jack hammering the tile floor is removed in the kitchen, powder room and laundry room. We had to remove the tile because the previous owners cut a few corners and did not tile under the old … Continue reading

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A Kitchen Disaster

By Katherine After consulting with two repairmen, I realized I didn’t break the oven, I saved our lives. Greg may not agree, but he’s not a professional handyman, nor is this his post. More on the oven later… We learned … Continue reading

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I Formally Surrender

Two straight weeks of over 100 degrees have done what the bugs did every year before and wiped out every last squash plant in the garden. I did get a total of four very nice and quite delicous yellow squash. … Continue reading

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Grilled Romas

By Katherine Each year we go through the same song and dance when it comes to choosing the tomatoes  for the garden. I say Early Girl; he says Roma. I say Big Boy; he says Roma. I say cherry; he … Continue reading

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Lazy Sunday: Fourth of July Edition

It’s hot as the blazes, dickens and Hades down here. We’re talking 105, 106, 109… (Celsius people — just think a few degrees cooler than the surface of Mercury.) We sweat just looking outside, never mind stepping into the inferno. … Continue reading

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