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Thyme for Limoncello

We saw this lovely cocktail over at Annashortcakes and decided immediately that we had to make it. Fresh herbs, gin and limoncello sounded like a winning combo to us and it didn’t disappoint. (We made two small changes, letting the … Continue reading

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Limoncello Twister

Try this if you have grown tired of screwdrivers for breakfast. Use fresh grapefruit juice if possible. Limoncello Twister 1 oz limoncello 1 oz grapefruit juice 1/4 oz vodka 1/6 oz lemon juice 1/6 oz grenadine Fill a glass with … Continue reading

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Limoncello Tiramisu

By Katherine Limoncello tiramisu is time consuming and costly. First you’ll need to find a friend willing to give you cute vintage dishes with their own cute individual lids. Or scour flea markets. Tuck them into a cabinet and use … Continue reading

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Limoncello Cream Drop Martini

We love limoncello on the rocks and spiked in tea, drizzled over ice cream, cheesecake, and of course as a main ingredient in a martini. Limoncello Cream Drop Martini 1 ounce vanilla vodka 1 ounce limoncello twist of lemon Combine … Continue reading

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For our honeymoon my wife and I went to Venice. While there, among other things, we discovered two types of liquor, grappa and limoncello. I will talk about grappa some other time, but it can be compared to a silver … Continue reading

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Game Days

We can and plan all summer so we can trade all winter with our hunting friends. Katherine’s work friends not only bring her eggs, but venison, duck and even dove, on occasion. In exchange she brings them pickles, jam, pickled … Continue reading

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Using Up Bad Tea Spritzer

So let’s say there is a large amount of some tea bags that taste terrible but cost a lot of money in your house. Here is a way to use some of them and enjoy a bit of booze in … Continue reading

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The Lemon Preservation Society

When you go to all that trouble to make preserved lemons, it seems only fitting that you’d celebrate with a cocktail once they were ready. If you like salty dogs and tend to lick the salt off your margarita glass, … Continue reading

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Broiled Grapefruit and Other Ruby Red Favorites

Each year around this time, we stumble across one of those too good to pass up deals: 18 pounds of Texas grapefruit for $8. Of course that means we have 18 pounds of grapefruit. We juice quite a few for … Continue reading

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Have a Happy New Year

We’ll be taking it easy on New Year’s Eve, probably having a bottle of sparkling wine at home. While we’ll be drinking it straight, or maybe with a drizzle of limoncello here are our favorite ways to mix it up … Continue reading

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