In Our Kitchen: Presents

I almost have it figured out

I almost have it figured out

So the old Krupps dual coffee and espresso maker died after 12 years of service. In that time it seems that every dual coffee maker out there is over priced and poorly made. I don’t know if this is due to the single cup Keurig fad or that all coffee maker manufactures are trying to get everyone to own separate machines. Whatever the reason, I decided to try the aeropress system for 25 bucks. After a good amount of experimenting I have figured out a way to make an incredible cup of coffee, but it does not make true espresso. The trick is to use it inverted to brew the coffee, then hand press for 1 minute. There are a bunch of different videos and such out there and depending on the individual taste, time and coffee type will vary. The problem with this system is it only makes 1 cup at a time, so for parties or heavy coffee drinkers it requires some pre-planning.

I thought I had everything I needed for the kitchen

I thought I had everything I needed for the kitchen

I also got the Oxo slicing and grating tool. It works great for shredding and slicing but I do wish the container had a higher capacity since 2 cups fills up pretty fast when slicing a potato or onion.

Here is a spinach, bacon and pimento cheese pizza.



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7 Responses to In Our Kitchen: Presents

  1. Ruth says:

    Happy New Year Greg and Katherine. Cool presents!

  2. First of all a very Happy New Year to you Greg and Katherine. I do look forward yet to another year looking into your Blog, which I enjoy so much. Take care, greetings from S.India

  3. Misky says:

    It used to be so easy to make a cup of coffee! Happy new year!

  4. I love my Aeropress!

  5. Eva Taylor says:

    We have two excellent machines, the Estro Profi at the cottage (made by Saeco for Starbucks, around 20 years old) and the Jura (around 12 years old). The Estro is manual but has a coffee grinder in it and still makes excellent coffee after all this time. The Jura is fully automatic and is a dream (it was a gift). If you have the budget, the Juras are fantastic machines. Be careful with French press-style coffee makers as they allow the most caffeine molecules into your beverage so you’ll always have a heavily caffeinated cup of java, unless that’s what you want😜❗️ Steam coffee makers are generally the best.

  6. Happy New Year to you. I suggest a french press…easy, inexpensive and durable…love the pizza.

  7. Happy new year Greg and Katherine

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