Twice Baked Potatoes with Romano

Little tiny boats to eat

Little tiny boats to eat

Sometimes we think: ‘What can we possibly do with potatoes that we haven’t done before?’ The answer usually involves cheese.

Twice-Baked Potatoes with Romano

  • 4 medium Russet potatoes (about a pound)
  • 4 tbsp butter
  • 1/4 cup grated romano
  • about a 1/2 cup shredded Romano
  • 3/4 cup heavy cream

Bake potatoes at 400 until done, about 45-50 minutes. While the potatoes are baking line a baking sheet with parchment paper and mound the shredded cheese into about six flat circles. When the potatoes are done, drop the oven temperature to 350. Bake the cheese rounds until brown, about 15 minutes. Set aside. Let the potatoes cool slightly and cut in half. Scoop the flesh into a large bowl, reserving the skins. Mash with grated cheese, butter, cream and salt and pepper. Scoop into shells and line on a baking sheet. Bake at 350 until hot, about 15 minutes. Top with cheese rounds and serve warm.

salt/pepper to taste

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This blog attempts to collect some of the things I try to create with food and booze. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail. My hope is to entertain and maybe help people think a little harder about what they decide to eat and drink.
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9 Responses to Twice Baked Potatoes with Romano

  1. A_Boleyn says:

    The potato halves look like little boats with romano cheese sails. 🙂 Cute.

  2. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.

  3. Karen says:

    Our minds think alike so often, we had these last night with a ribeye and salad. 🙂

  4. Cecile says:

    I never make Twice Baked Potatoes, although I do love them. I’m gonna pin this recipe and make these soon !

  5. Kristy says:

    I’m okay with the answer always involving cheese. 😉

  6. Eva Taylor says:

    Looks absolutely delicious. I have two bags of potatoes sitting on the counter from Easter dinner that did not get used up…this looks like a great way to use them up.

  7. ChgoJohn says:

    And if the cheese doesn’t work, add heavy cream. Looks delicious, Greg, as always.

  8. Love the cheese rounds!

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