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Cheesey Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

Before our kitchen remodeling started, the kitchen relocation project was well underway shepherded by the female half of this duo. The contents of that room have been spread to far-flung parts of the house. Champagne flutes? Katherine’s closet. Bundt pan? … Continue reading

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A New Door

The next thing to do in our kitchen remodel was install a new patio door. We went with a French door for two main reasons. One, we could get big things in and out of the house without taking them … Continue reading

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Sunday Suppers: S is for Sorghum

We know those of you living outside the Southern U.S. may not be too familiar with sorghum. (Go ahead and Google it, we’ll wait.) But we also know the world is getting smaller and we figure if we can find … Continue reading

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With kitchen renovations underway, we needed quick, cheap meals and snacks that could be prepped ahead. We made a batch of this just before the final demolition. Homemade is far cheaper and a lot tastier than store-bought. Hummus 3 cups … Continue reading

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Quick Blueberry Sauce

I came up with this dish to impress Katherine one night. It involved a fancy polenta filled with mushrooms and truffle oil. Although the duck and the sauce were excellent, the polenta was a let down and it would have … Continue reading

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The Orange Blossom

Here is another classic cocktail that many people like. We hated it. It does taste a little better if the fresh orange juice is increased to 1.5 ounces but all in all not a cocktail we will revisit. The Orange … Continue reading

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Somewhat Baltic-Style Cabbage Rolls

Here is the recipe for the filling and sauce as promised. The filling is a variation of the Baltic style of cabbage roll. The sauce is a mix of more Russian styles. The final product is very tasty. Go here … Continue reading

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How To Make Cabbage Rolls

This is how to make very large cabbage rolls from an entire head of cabbage. If smaller rolls are desired then just layer two leaves and place much less filling inside before folding it up. Always pick the best leaves … Continue reading

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Sorghum Garlic Chicken

This is a perfect marinade for grilling or baking. If you don’t have sorghum then buy some. Any piece of chicken will work but legs and wings work best if this is an appetizer or party dish. Sorghum Bourbon Garlic … Continue reading

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Sunday Suppers: The Paper Plate Edition

Our kitchen remodel is in full swing, which means we’ve stocked the fridge with food we can grab quickly and eat off disposable plates. We’ll also be frequenting restaurants more than we like, or more than our wallets would like. … Continue reading

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