A Little More Demo

The sub floor seems to be in good shape so far

The sub floor seems to be in good shape so far

After two days of jack hammering the tile floor is removed in the kitchen, powder room and laundry room. We had to remove the tile because the previous owners cut a few corners and did not tile under the old cabinets or stove. Katherine also hated the old tile because it was white and looked dirty five minutes after it was cleaned.

The new French doors have been delivered so soon that horribly non energy-efficient sliding glass door will be replaced. It is also almost time to tear out the last of the old cabinets and sink, rendering the kitchen useless for at least a week. Looks like a lot of sandwiches and ordering out in the future.

Below is the pile of debris left to be smuggled into all the neighbors’ trash cans on the next pick up. We are also starting a new trend of a toilet in the garage. Jump on the band wagon.

This is what is left after 4 trash cans went out on the curb.

This is what is left after four trash cans went out on the curb.

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18 Responses to A Little More Demo

  1. Ruth says:

    A mess now but won’t it be grand when it is all completed. Enjoying following the progress.

  2. sallybr says:

    oh, this definitely brings me memories…… Hang in there, it will all be totally worth it!

    keep the updates coming…. and GOOD LUCK!

  3. It’ll all be worth it in the end! 🙂

  4. Oh I feel your pain, I really do but it will be sooooo worth it!

  5. Good looking progress.

  6. ha! Toilet in the garage is THE new new thing!

    We are in current kitchen flux too. We have a temporary kitchen island made of saw horses and a plank of wood to see how it works at the moment. It’s difficult isn’t it? So many decisions to make…hence we are not rushing it.

    Good luck with your plans…and Happy New Year!

  7. RoSy says:

    The results will be so worth it!

  8. Eva Taylor says:

    How exciting! Have you got your cabinets picked out yet? I just loved planning our renovation and even though we thought long and hard about each choice, there are still things I would like to change having lived with it for a while! I can hardly wait to see what you do with it! Happy New Year Greg.

    • Yes, I think they’re maple with a pecan finish. Should lighten up the kitchen.

      • Eva Taylor says:

        Sounds lovely Greg. Maple is a good hearty wood that has staying power. Have you decided on a counter top? We went with a Canadian Soap Stone because you can put very hot things on it without any problems, it will never crack! Two of my absolute favourite things we did in our kitchen is install an appliance garage with 4 (x2) outlets in it. I keep my most used appliances in it already plugged in so all I need to do is pull them out and they are ready to use; the second thing is the Hailo recycling/garbage cupboard. It is a full size tandem two bin unit that pulls out (not just a door that opens and then pulls out, it just pulls out). It’s so convenient and holds quite a bit.

      • We picked a quartz. It’s sort of charcoaly. An appliance garage sounds very cool.

      • Eva Taylor says:

        Cool! I understand that you can put warmish things on it too. Charcoal will be a good wearing colour. Let me know if you want a pic of the appliance garage and I’ll email you one. Our doors are attached with uplift hinges which blocks the cabinet doors above; in our other house we had a roller door (like a roll-top desk) which frees you upper cabinet but takes up height in your garage. Decisions, decisions!

      • I’ve seen those. We went with a pantry and built in microwave and a pan pull out as our main extras. We can’t wait for that. Oh and an easy reach to replace an impossible to access cabinet.

  9. Misky says:

    It will be fun to watch someone else go through this renovation process.

  10. Sherry says:

    we’re going to do kitchen counters this year…not looking forward to it, but so looking forward to no more ceramic tile…awful stuff to work with especially with dough..

  11. nancyc says:

    Wow, you guys are really doing a lot of work! You’ll have to post your “after” pictures!

  12. I love seeing what you are doing to your home. One of my favorite things is to see “before and after” images of a renovation. Thanks and keep us all posted from time to time.

  13. This is just as good as Chica’s Reno updates. Hoorah, I love this stuff! 😀

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