A New Potato Salad

I love sausage and potatoes

I love sausage and potatoes

This is a great potato salad that works as a side or main course. Do not omit the anchovy.

Sausage Potato Salad

  • 2 lbs potatoes cut into large chunks
  • 2 Italian sausages cut into thick slices
  • 1/2 cup red onion diced medium
  • 1 green bell pepper chopped large
  • 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar
  • 1 tbsp dijon mustard
  • 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 anchovy minced
  • 2 tbsp chopped fresh sage
  • Salt/pepper

Steam potatoes until fork tender. Mix vinegar, oil, mustard, anchovy, and 1 tbsp sage together. In a large frying pan heat 1 tbsp olive oil and saute onion until golden. Add pepper and cook until crisp. Add sausage and cook until browned and done, about 5 minutes. Add potatoes and remaining sage and stir to coat. In a large bowl mix dressing with potatoes. Serve hot.


About Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide

This blog attempts to collect some of the things I try to create with food and booze. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail. My hope is to entertain and maybe help people think a little harder about what they decide to eat and drink.
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14 Responses to A New Potato Salad

  1. ChgoJohn says:

    Omit the anchovy? Perish the thought! Another great recipe, Greg.

  2. Sausage AND anchovy – bring it on!

  3. nijah06 says:

    Your potato salad is looking good .May I please have some .LOL

  4. TasteFood says:

    I love oil and vinegar potato salads.

  5. This looks so delicious!! Will definitely try it out.

  6. The salad looks divine! esp the sausage. I am so hungry now. lol

  7. Caroline says:

    What a great twist on the classic potato salad. Sounds fantastic!

  8. Carole says:

    Hi there, just popped over to let you know that your link to Food on Friday: Jams, Jellies & Relishes was featured in my Need Some Inspiration? Series on Carole’s Chatter today. Cheers

  9. Keeping the anchovy??? I’m skeptical….

  10. cecilia says:

    Oh I am a fiend for potato salad, this looks like my kind of food! c

  11. laurasmess says:

    I have no words. Sausage, potato, anchovy? Heaven in a salad. Definitely not messing with this little recipe of perfection.

  12. Purely.. Kay says:

    I am drooling. SERIOUSLY. This looks AMAZING. Must be made

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