What we drank in Oregon


If only there were a way to drink it all at once

So we went to Oregon primarily to check out the wine regions, but dang if Portland is not full of really really good beer. Aside from the nationally recognized Rogue distillery, the city alone is home to many excellent microbrews and brew pubs. If only Katherine enjoyed beer even a little bit we could have spent three days just checking out the different tap rooms in the city.

Alas this was not to be, so I tried as many as I could starting with Deschutes. All the beer I tried was very good, but I felt the Oatmeal Pale and Black Butte Porter really stood out. Also the food, though a little pricey for pub food, is awesome and with cider on tap it is a good place to take someone for lunch who is not into beer so much.


So many flight, so little time

Another great place for beer that also has great cocktails for the non beer drinker was McMenamins Lighthouse in Lincoln City. Aside from a great list of microbrews, they also made their own whiskeys and brandy, which they put into many tasty libations like their take on a hot toddy with house made pear brandy (look below).  Not to mention the food is pretty tasty as well. My favorite beer was a twist on the Black and Blonde made with Terminator Stout and the Ruby ale.


Warm and fruity

We also had some great cocktails on our trip including some at Andina in Portland. Not only does this place have amazing Peruvian food but the drink menu alone is worth the trip. I swear we would have been there for happy hour every day if it had been possible. Below are the Pisco Sour, right, and Sacsayhuaman (passion fruit and spice!) which were the first round while we waited for our table for dinner. We had two more rounds before dinner and the cocktails were so good that instead of wine, we continued with liquor. It was a fun train ride back to the hotel after that.


Spicy and frothy respectively

In my quest to eat something worthwhile in the airport we tried Goose Island in Chicago. I figured as long as the food was slightly better than Applebee’s the beer would make up for it. Although the beer was tasty, I suggest skipping the food since the walk there is way out of the way for most travelers flying through there. I mean learn how to cook fries guys, it is not rocket science.


This is a great abbey style beer

Of course who could skip mentioning coffee on a trip to the Pacific Northwest. OK I mentioned it. (We’re saving our favorite coffee libation for next week.)


I forgot where this was after all that beer


First flight done


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15 Responses to What we drank in Oregon

  1. Looks like a great trip!

  2. It’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta………

  3. oh dear, hahaha, the things one has to do for ones Blog! 🙂

  4. ChgoJohn says:

    Now that’s my kind of trip!

  5. realappetite says:

    Every vacation my boyfriend and I take revolves around cramming in as many breweries as possible — so I definitely appreciate this post!

  6. Uh huh, beer and cocktails are a must, and it looks like you had some great ones!

  7. Kristy says:

    I love it! We are totally on the same wave length with our travels. First New Orleans, then the Finger Lakes and Kentucky, now the Pacific NW. That’s where we’re planning to head next summer for a wine region trip. 🙂 I love that you guys hit these places before we do, so that I can reference your posts when planning ours. Works out nice. Keep it up! 😉

  8. That is a great step-by-step of drinking beer in Portland. What a great city for all things fun and interesting…especially things to imbibe!

  9. Lauren says:

    So jealous right now.

  10. SimpleP says:

    Would be a sin not to experience the beer in Portland. One of the best beer cities on the map! Cheers beers!

  11. spree says:

    drats! i’ve been out of commission recently Greg and sadly missed the chance to introduce you around Portland….clearly you did just fine….but i have in’s with several of the breweries and would have loved to share you with them and them with you! (I see some of the places you ate while in town too – and that you hit Andinas and had the sacse… oh forget it, i don’t have a clue how to spell the drink that is pronounced “sexy-woman”. Is that not one of the best drinks to ever hit your tongue?! Again sorry I missed you. Would have loved to meet the funny mixologist from Arkansas! (right?) 🙂

  12. Wow! Sounds and looks like a very fun trip. Those two cocktails look amazing…I’m especially intrigued by the one with passion fruit 🙂

  13. Raymund says:

    Looks like you had a great day!

  14. windykitchen says:

    Goose Island! Their Sofie is my favorite beer in the world!

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