Let the Gardening Begin

Mojito season is right around the corner

Mojito season is right around the corner

Well it is that time again. When everything is hopeful and bright and the weather is perfect. It is time to grab the pitchfork and turn some soil.

The garlic and carrots are doing great from the winter, but the onions did not work out too well. I had planted from seed directly and only five onions sprouted. This fall I will have to start the seeds early and then transplant the seedlings to the garden before October.

Someone needs to do a better job weeding

Someone needs to do a better job weeding

Due to the small onion output I do have more space to try an early crop of something new though. That will be some spinach, which I am going to try from seeds. By the end of the week I will probably have the peppers and tomatoes in along with the arugula. I also have an open container for some sort of spice since the dill could not handle the heat last year. Choices to make.

Soon the basil will not look so lonely

Soon the basil will not look so lonely

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22 Responses to Let the Gardening Begin

  1. Oh my gosh, I have to laugh a little at the thought of you planting tomatoes and peppers OUTSIDE IN THE GROUND in mid-March… we had frost last week and the daffodils have only JUST bloomed!

  2. I started planting things on the window last week too 🙂 herbs, tomatoes and some lettuce and was actually thinking about your mint plants 🙂

  3. Scrambled Megs says:

    we had a wonderful garden, then weed blew in a couple of years ago and now it is a disaster. way too much work required. this inspires me!

  4. Nice to see the start of spring in your garden. We’re heading that way now.

  5. ChgoJohn says:

    It’s good to see green sprouting up again and your garlic looks fantastic! This is so inspiring for those of us to the North. Better days are coming!

  6. Carolyn Chan says:

    Super jealous ! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the explosion of greenery in your garden.

  7. Misky says:

    It’s reckoned to snow again tomorrow, and I can only assume that sometime in the future I’ll be looking into the prospects of gardening again.

  8. Green, the colour of hope. Let’s hope the sun will come back and stay. 😉

  9. Ah, jeeze…that looks wonderful. It’s too wet to even weed the raised beds here, and the garlic shoots have just broken the surface in the last week…more rain/snow/slush/wind tonight and tomorrow…
    I’ll just watch your green for a few minutes, and soak it in…

  10. Eva Taylor says:

    That is hardly nice to post pics of your garden, Greg. We’re expecting 2-3 inches of snow today. Not happy about it at all. I planted garlic too and I’m really excited to see how it works out, they haven’t even sprouted yet.

  11. Bill Peeler says:

    The first real signs of spring – always exciting —-

  12. spree says:

    Weather is “perfect” there? We have a ways to go before we can say that, but “hope” is in the air for sure and it’s fun to be seeing your garden sprouting again.

  13. Lauren says:

    Our tomatoes and peppers are in, too! I think spring is really here!

  14. egg me on says:

    I’m liking this post, but with a slight chip on my shoulder since we’re getting ANOTHER snow storm tonight. So spring is absolutely nowhere in sight for us. But, I’m happy for you guys. Very. Happy.

  15. I am pretty impressed with your garden and it is hot even summer yet! Aren’t we lucky to have had some great summery-like Spring days? Happy March.

  16. We seem to be absolutely rubbish at planting onions too! No idea why – I don’t think we’ve ever successfully grown any! Look forward to watching your Spring/Summer as we head into the cold.. x

  17. Yay…it’s that tme of year!

  18. I would love to be planting anything, but we still have snow coming and going at the moment. I am also a bit torn as to how much effort to make lest our girls scratch it all up! We’ll see. I do love growing my own.

  19. Purely.. Kay says:

    I’m glad someone’s weather is cheery andbright because it sucks in NYC right now lol. I doubt you’d want to garden here today. But I look forward to your garden post everywhere to see what you’re growing.

  20. We’re still rollicking back and forth between 75 degrees one day and 29 the next. Soon to the gardening, though, very soon. And yours looks very inspiring.

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