Breakfast Burrito

Mmmmm burrito

This is really a great way to use up leftover refried beans and scrambled eggs with chorizo. I would have preferred a little more cheese.

Burritos with Scrambled Eggs with Chorizo

  • 4 eggs
  • 1 cup buttermilk
  • 1 lb chorizo
  • 1/2 red onion diced fine
  • 2 jalapenos diced fine
  • Salt/pepper
  • 1 cup refried beans
  • tortillas
  • burrito sauce

Fry onion and jalapenos in butter until browned. Cut chorizo out of the casing and brown. Beat eggs with buttermilk and flavor with salt and pepper. Pour into meat mixture and scramble. Spread a spoonful of burrito sauce over a flour tortilla. Add any cheese, beans and eggs and roll up into a burrito. Top with more sauce and bake for 10 minutes in a 365 degree oven.

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This blog attempts to collect some of the things I try to create with food and booze. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail. My hope is to entertain and maybe help people think a little harder about what they decide to eat and drink.
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22 Responses to Breakfast Burrito

  1. Cool! Thanks for this recipe, and also the one for refried beans – a favourite in our house, but we’ve never tried making them at home!

  2. sallybr says:

    I know someone who would go crazy for this recipe…. my beloved husband, who cannot have enough chorizo

  3. rutheh says:

    This recipe would jump start the day for sure!

  4. I’m with you on lots of cheese but what a way to start the day!

  5. How badly do I want this for breakfast tomorrow!

  6. Great flavours and good looking. However, I don’t think it’ll replace coffee and croissant for my breakfast:)

  7. Mad Dog says:

    I think it sounds like a good breakfast 😉

  8. Yes! more cheese is always better!

  9. Eva Taylor says:

    Oh yummy! I’d put a dollop of NF Greek yogurt and a splash of hot sauce, OK, I’ll take some diced scallions and a handful of cilantro.

  10. these look great for breakfast or any time of the day. Extra cheese and cilantro… yummy!

  11. That looks a lot better than the McDonalds breakfast burrito. The sauce looks really tempting.

  12. Aha! Mexican chorizo. Great looking, burrito!

  13. egg me on says:

    Approve, approve, approve 1000 percent. If only I had leftover refried beans …

  14. Kristy says:

    One of my favorite breakfast foods. Love how you made use of leftovers for it.

  15. Yum, these look great – for any time of the day, in my opinion!

  16. rsmacaalay says:

    For breakfast you say? Count me in

  17. Andrea says:

    Yummy! This would make me want to eat breakfast!

  18. Carolyn Chan says:

    It’s really hard to find chorizo here in Singapore but we’re off to Spain in October and plan on bringing back our own body weight in spanish meat 🙂

  19. Ooh Breakfast Burrito. Its something you don’t see in the UK but we had one on our way out to Disney. Must give them a try. This looks fab and I love the idea of the Chorizo.

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