Mushrooms stuffed with tomatoes, feta and capers

Well healthy for us that is

Stuffed mushrooms don’t always have to be heavy. Mmmm, remember those ham and cheese ones we made…. wait, where were we? Oh yes, lighter stuffed mushrooms that star tomatoes. What’s great about these mushrooms is the filling and caps are cooked separately. The caps can go in the oven, while the filling is being prepped.

This is our last recipe of tomato week. We hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have. Our tomato plants are still producing though… maybe we should have had a tomato month. Stay tuned.

Stuffed Mushrooms with Tomatoes

  • 1 lb fresh button mushrooms
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 2-3 tbsp diced red onion, about half of a medium onion
  • 4 Romas tomatoes, diced
  • 2 tbsp salted or regular capers
  • 2 ounces crumbled feta
  • 2 tbsp chopped fresh oregano
  • salt/pepper to taste

Wash mushrooms and remove stems from caps. Use a tablespoon of olive oil to grease a large cookie sheet and place the mushrooms, stem side up, on the pan. Roast at 350 until tender and the juices are released, about 15-20 minutes. While the mushrooms are baking, dice up stems and your other vegetables. Heat the remaining olive oil in a large saute pan. Throw in the onions and saute until tender and starting to brown, about five minutes. Add diced stems and cook until tender, about 3-5 minutes. Throw in tomatoes and cook until juices are released. Remember to check the caps in the oven as you’re cooking the filling. They might be ready first. If so remove them from the oven and let them cool slightly as you finish the filling. Once the tomato filling is cooked down, remove from heat. Stir in capers, feta and oregano. Taste and adjust seasoning as needed. Remember the feta and capers are salty, so add salt last. Divide filling among the mushrooms, mounding slightly on top. Serve warm.

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This blog attempts to collect some of the things I try to create with food and booze. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail. My hope is to entertain and maybe help people think a little harder about what they decide to eat and drink.
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26 Responses to Mushrooms stuffed with tomatoes, feta and capers

  1. onewomaninaricefield says:

    My god…stop it! This looks SO good and I ate crappy cup noodles for dinner tonight in my foot-smelling room in the hostel. You guys are so mean! 🙂

  2. Lauren says:

    Beautiful! What a great combination of flavors.

  3. ceciliag says:

    this is a fantastic recipe and i have never made stuffed mushrooms ever! I have to .. right? LOVING this series.. c

  4. Tandy says:

    I love the capers in this 🙂

  5. Tomatoes AND capers…mmm!

  6. Awesome idea!
    Thought of you guys at dinner last night…there was a roasted tomato compound butter on my steak! Oh, YUM!

  7. Delectable!
    🙂 Mandy

  8. I have LOVED tomato week! We are behind you on the tomatoes this season, but catching up is going to be a lot of fun!

  9. Eva Taylor says:

    Yummy combo of flavours Greg. I could easily cook this entire hors d’œuvres on the Barbie,

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  11. spree says:

    What tasty little bites! I know a man/guinea pig who’d love these!

  12. billpeeler says:

    Love this – I love stuffed mushrooms and I’m sure this is the perfect vehicle for the combination of flavors to really shine through. Wonderful!

  13. ChgoJohn says:

    Another keeper, Greg. The mix of feta & capers with tomato sounds great.

  14. rsmacaalay says:

    This is a really nice appetizer

  15. Love all the stuffins in there!!

  16. egg me on says:

    What a really great week of tomato recipes, you guys!

  17. I always love a stuffed mushroom and stuff myself with them regularly:)

  18. I do like capers! I’ll have to try these.

  19. Kristy says:

    I’m sure enjoying your tomato recipes and this one is a definite winner for me. I love stuffed mushrooms and wouldn’t mind a light version (possibly served alongside the heavy version). 😉

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