Out with the Arugula

A new experiment

I decided to try dill to see how well it will do in the South.

I have a feeling it won’t do too well, but hey I found the clay pot and needed something to do with it.

I did pull the arugula and in its place there are two poblanos and zucchini plants. For the final time, I think I know how to beat back the bugs that decimated the last four years attempts. Or I am just kidding myself, time will tell.

It already looks suspect

Originally, the garlic was going to go and the final installment of eight okra plants and two winter squash were to take their place. This was due to the dog jumping into the center of the garlic and crushing it. After pulling two bulbs I realized the plants were still alive, just vertically challenged, and so the garlic has another week. I may get a good enough yield to replant at least.

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27 Responses to Out with the Arugula

  1. Looks like great soil. Anything should grow in that 🙂

    I have no trouble at all growing dill but cilantro – forget it. I have to start a new pot every 2-3 weeks.

  2. Tandy says:

    My arugula was eaten by something last year but it seeded and now it is growing wild next to the pot it was planted in! Good luck with the dill 🙂

  3. Looks like those Southern bugs are voracious critters, but with very sensitive palates:)

  4. Good news re the garlic! Hope the dill does well – it doesn´t seem to mind the heat so hopefully you´ll be ok.

  5. Eva Taylor says:

    Its been rather warm here so my plantings are further along; I adore arugula, I should’ave planted some too. My garlic and green onions look great, glad yours are working out after all.

  6. I *told* you the garlic would survive…But now, you can make some green garlic soup with your test bulbs!
    Put the dill where it can get some afternoon shade, and it’ll take it longer to bolt. Nice thing about that plant is that all stages are useful.
    Good luck with the squash!

  7. Happy you still have garlic! And you know how I feel about dill!

  8. Go, go, dill! I’m a huge fan of dill, second only to cilantro.

  9. Good Morning. My dill is doing fine so far here in Nashville. I planted it in a more shady place in my veggie garden…this was my experiment this summer…to see if it will last longer. Lovely dirt you have.

  10. wee eats says:

    I just read an article about how “easy” arugula is to grow and how it “grows so fast” and “does so well” ….. I was thinking even I could try it…. Maybe it wouldn’t make it to my plant graveyard out back…. consider my faith shaken 🙂 I haven’t had fresh dill in much, I think it usually goes into chicken salad and things like that, right? o.O

  11. ChgoJohn says:

    All was not lost on the Garlic Front! That’s certainly good news. Let’s hope your luck continues in your battle with nasties that are eating your zucchini plants.

  12. ceciliag says:

    Dill is a weed, I am sure it will do well! OKRA .. bugger.,.I forgot to sow those seeds again… (sounds of feet running, door open, door slam.. ).. our garlic is excellent this year as well.. we can call it the year Of the Garlic.. we have that bug, sow successive plantings.. one plant always gets through! c

  13. Andrea says:

    Can’t wait to watch your garden grow! I gotta get planted!

  14. egg me on says:

    Good luck with the dill, and stopping the bugs!

  15. Courtney says:

    We just planted our garden this weekend…crossing my fingers for both of us that 1. things grow & 2. our dogs don’t destroy it. 🙂

  16. Mad Dog says:

    When I lived in Georgia there was something worse than bugs – the critter that ate the little shoots as they came up!

  17. Karista says:

    Thankfully arugula is the one thing I can grow in our cloudy northwest weather. Spring greens, kale and spinach too. And herbs. That’s about it. No squash, peppers and never tomatoes. They stay green. Although I do love a fried green tomato! Best of luck on the summer garden!

  18. Dill has a way of wandering and taking over if you are not careful. If it can survive the scorching heat of the prairie in August, you might be OK.

  19. Stephanie says:

    Dill is something we’ve always had luck with… if it doesn’t work well, perhaps a fall planting?

  20. Michelle says:

    The flea beetles always ruined my arugula. Dill is great, but it always kind of crashes and burns in our probably quite similar to your hot, humid climate. Use it fast!

  21. Kristy says:

    Good luck with the garlic. I love how many different things that you grow. Our seedlings have been transplanted. I’m not sure if it will work or not. We’ll see. I’m trying though…finally. 🙂

  22. We’ve just bought dill seedlings for the first time as well – they’re supposed to be very good at keeping white moth away from the cabbages! Maybe you can move your pot around as needed. Good luck with the chillies and zucchinis – we can grow chillies, but just can’t seem to make zucchinis work (which seems ridiculous, given their reputation for glutting!).

  23. Karen says:

    Good to here that the garlic survived the tromp and is only vertically challenged. Even if your dill bolts from the heat, you will have the seed for cooking.

  24. Good luck with that dill…I’ve NEVER had any luck with it here!

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