What can I say, we like our bubbly.

The pomegranate seeds provide the much needed sustenance for a full day of drinking


  • Sparkling wine
  • Pomegranate juice
  • fresh orange juice
  • pomegranate seeds

Fill glass two-thirds of the way with bubbly, add a tablespoon of fresh orange juice, fill the rest of the way with pomegranate juice. Garnish with a spoonful of seeds. Drink. Repeat.

About Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide

This blog attempts to collect some of the things I try to create with food and booze. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail. My hope is to entertain and maybe help people think a little harder about what they decide to eat and drink.
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71 Responses to Pomosas

  1. TasteFood says:

    I like my bubbly, too – especially like this!

  2. JamieAnne says:

    Cheers for a lovely cocktail.

  3. Sounds like a great one _ healthy too!

  4. Jessica says:

    That is one tall drink! And ha, love the caption. πŸ™‚

  5. ChgoJohn says:

    This would be oh, so, good for brunch!

  6. niasunset says:

    I loved it to drink and also the photograph is so impressive. Thank you dear Rufus, with my love, nia

  7. Veronika says:

    This looks gorgeous! I love mimosas and I love them made with passionfruit – need to try this one as well!

  8. Sissi says:

    This one looks really exceptional! I definitely buy pomegranates tomorrow on the market.

  9. I drank some tasty bubbly in Friuli… oddly, no one drinks mimosas here and I have yet to see a bellini! Lots and lots of pomegranate though. πŸ™‚

  10. Drink. Repeat. I love it!!!

  11. Ooh yummy – I like a drink that gives you the added bonus of something healthy – good excuse to enjoy a second one!
    Have a happy day.
    πŸ™‚ Mandy

  12. jessica says:

    You’re on a roll with the pomegranate seeds this week! This cocktail is lovely, and totally makes me think of the holidays!

  13. If that’s as yummy as it is pretty, I’m in!
    I do loves me some champagne cocktails…..

  14. BrainRants says:

    That looks awfully refreshing.

  15. Only two more days till the weekend – hello, bubbly!

  16. ceciliag says:

    You are so clever!! I want this immediately and the glass! And as pomegranates are very very hi in anti oxidants we are drinking a healthy bubbly! TRUE! c

  17. egg me on says:

    Cool glass. The seeds look great in there. Love the “Drink. Repeat.” instructions!

  18. That is my kind of drink…where can I put these kids for a few hours?!

  19. nrhatch says:

    That flute is no fluke . . . it’s the real deal! Bottoms up! πŸ˜€

  20. Charles says:

    Wow, I love the effect of the pomegranate seeds at the bottom – looks like little jewels – beautiful, and so refreshing!

  21. Yuri says:

    It’s well known that pandas looove bubby πŸ˜€ what a beautiful cocktail and clever name!

  22. Kristy says:

    It’s my birthday today…would it be inappropriate to start my day with this drink. LOL. Sigh…probably. But I’m saving this one to make soon!!! πŸ™‚

  23. Kelly says:

    Wow, you’re pulling out the pomegranate big time!! I’m loving it. In fact, this is our classic Christmas drink. Champagne and pomegranate seeds – so delish! The juice gives it a whole other look. Beautiful.

  24. Judy says:

    That sounds really tasty! Love the color too, will be great for the holidays πŸ™‚

  25. “The pomegranate seeds provide the much needed sustenance for a full day of drinking”…the logic found in this statement sums up the reason that I follow Rufus’ Food and Spirits Guide religiously. Awesome looking drink.


  26. A gorgeous and “healthy” cocktail…just in time for my birthday. Know what I’m going to try this weekend! Cheers!

  27. spicegirlfla says:

    What can I say… I like my bubblies too!! And scarlet red.. so very pretty!! I think I’ve got my Sunday brunch cocktail planned and I will be toasting to you both!!

  28. Caroline says:

    I’d like two please…maybe three? Bottoms up! Looks delicious.

  29. Love the pom seeds – very festive! Cheers!

  30. Courtney says:

    Out of control. Wow, does that look good!

  31. peasepudding says:

    In ever decline a glass of bubbles! A nice refreshing summer drink…thanks

  32. This looks amazing and I’m not even a big fan of blubbly drinks. The glass is gorgeous. That combined with the chicken dish you posted the other day would be a wonderful combo!

  33. Christine says:

    Looks refreshing.

  34. I agree with sportsglutton! Too funny! Great looking drink for our approaching summer!

  35. Cheers! Lovely drink for a Friday. I love my bubbles too, such a cheerful drink.

  36. rutheh says:

    Now that is a beautiful drink!

  37. rsmacaalay says:

    I’m loving your pomegranate posts, this will sure match the chicken recipe you posted earlier

  38. Okay I may be de-fouling the drink but you both know I don’t drink lol. I’m thinking, what if you could add champagne instead of wine.. it sounds delicious. Or maybe a lemon lime soda. But as is, this drink has me intrigued.. very nice you guys

  39. Beautiful, simple, and filled with antioxidants! What’s not to love?

  40. Sush says:

    I love the “drink. repeat”… someone after my own heart πŸ™‚ I had a pomegranate martini once and it was amazing, this will definitely be on my list of drinks to try!

  41. ambrosiana says:

    Anything that mixes sparkling wine a fruit juice is a winner!!! So refreshing and easy to make. I love the color and the idea of the pomegranate seeds in the bottom is just so clever!!!! Top post!

  42. Oh WOW, this is so pretty! I bet it is really good, too!

  43. ....RaeDi says:

    The drink sounds delicious and what a picture….RaeDi

  44. Christina says:

    I am loving this cocktail! Pomegranate juice tastes great! πŸ™‚ This would be perfect for a holiday party…I am bookmarking this to try!

  45. Oh, yummy! and something I’ve tried is wine with a blood orange sparkling soda….delicious.

  46. Mel says:

    Oh my word! When I saw this picture, my mouth fell open. Love the look and sound of it!!

  47. Jian says:

    That just sounds amazing! Hi Rufus! Mel sent me a link to this post and I’m loving it!

  48. At a ‘fruit tasting’ session at scouts last week (!) George had tried and knew every fruit put in front of him, except for Pomegranate. I don’t buy them because I can’t get on with fruit being ‘crunchy’. He loved them though and made me buy some this week. He just sits and eats the seeds off a plate, but this looks a much prettier way of using them. Can’t help wondering if they get wedged in the bottom of the glass though!

  49. eva626 says:

    where did you get that cool glass from????? i want it!

  50. That looks delicious man! I will have to try it out! There’s a bottle of champagne in my fridge thats begging to be opened!

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  52. SimpleP says:

    That’s cool! Love your cocktails.

  53. Sara says:

    I LOVE pomegranates, even with that strong bitter taste at the finish. This looks great.

  54. needtotaste says:

    That is just gorgeous! What a glass!

  55. Just tried this man…. delicious!

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  58. petit4chocolatier says:

    I really, really like this one. Love the glass too πŸ™‚

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