If you like pina colodas … (you’ll like this too)

By Katherine

I am not a fan of coconut liquor

Two years ago my sister came down for a visit and in a bid to relive her college days bought a bottle of coconut rum. She who’s never had a Malibu and pineapple can throw the first catty comment. The stock in our liquor cabinet rotates as much as the items in the restock bin at WalMart. (Humor me, we’re in Arkansas, a WalMart reference was inevitable.)

This bottle though, practically gathered dust, despite Greg’s best efforts. On her trip down this year, I’m happy to report big sis and I finished it off. Such are the sacrifices of marriage.

Kill the bottle-coloda

  • 1 cup coconut rum (we actually used Parrot Bay)
  • 3 cups pineapple juice
  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 1 peach, peeled (frozen or fresh)
  • ice

Blend everything except the ice until smooth. Throw in a few handfuls of ice, depending on the consistency you want and how big those bananas were, and blend again until smooth. Ideally, this would be garnished with a giant umbrella.

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This blog attempts to collect some of the things I try to create with food and booze. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail. My hope is to entertain and maybe help people think a little harder about what they decide to eat and drink.
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72 Responses to If you like pina colodas … (you’ll like this too)

  1. JamieAnne says:

    Looks like a tasty coconut-ey drink!

  2. Everything tastes better garnished with a huge umbrella.

  3. ChgoJohn says:

    I’m not too much a fan of coconut cocktails but this, with the peach, banana, and pineapple juice is clearly a very tasty energy drink — and I just happen to love those. And I have been feeling kinda sluggish lately …

  4. I would love a virgin pina colada :). Of course I know this isn’t a virgin drink, but I would love to make this for guest. And I love the presentation Katherine.. beautiful

    • Katherine says:

      Hey Kay, there’s so much in the drink I think it would taste good without the alcohol. You’d lose the coconut flavor though without the coconut rum.

  5. wok with ray says:

    This looks like a very refreshing Pina Coladal and perfect for a very hot summer. Thanks for sharing the post and recipe.

  6. Sounds like a hallucinogenic cocktail worthy of Timothy Leary. I’m seeing the colours without drinking a drop!

  7. Yvette says:

    Oh! these would be the finish of me on a long hot summer day or evening….funny enough malabu always reminds of coconut oil, frying in the sun!..LOL!

  8. Oh yes, hands up to having drunk a malibu and pineapple aged about 17 (sorry!) trying to pass for 18 in London. I think what was worse were the big shoulder pads, hair and chunky earrinsg but we´ll say no more about that… This looks far more sophisticated, grown up and almost healthy!

    • Katherine says:

      Ah, shoulder pads. You know all that stuff is coming back. My niece wants these shoes called topsiders. My sister said you mean Docksiders? They’re so similar.

  9. Charles says:

    What’s with all the hate on coconut? I love drinking coconutty drinks… always makes me imagine I’m lying on a beach somewhere under a palm tree 😉

    • Katherine says:

      Greg loves coconut, just not coconut rum. But just wait until we post an anise flavored drink, that will really have detractors!

      • KBLKBL says:

        I’m all for Anise. And I’m not a fan of coconut flavored rum, but add coconut milk & I’m okay with it. I think it tastes less “fake”., Kind of like fake banana flavour, yuck!

  10. Sissi says:

    I must say I have never liked coconut based cocktails until a couple of weeks ago when I tasted an extraordinary piña colada made by my sister-in-law, so I can believe this handsome coconut drink might prove very flavoursome.

  11. Bananas and peaches. yummmm I cannot understand why my family doesn’t like coconut…too sweet? I love it.

    • Katherine says:

      What’s funny is Greg’s birthday cake is normally rum or coconut or both. But I don’t always make him a cake, too many leftovers. Before you give me the bad wife award, he really doesn’t have a sweettooth and I always cook him a great steak!

  12. ceciliag says:

    I am amazed. You have created a drink that doubles as a healthy fruit treat! I love this idea. In fact you could almost feel a little smug for drinking such a healthy drink. Because it looks like a smoothie can I drink it for breakfast!? thank you katherine!c

  13. Kelly says:

    I like the orange garnish – sounds like you and your sister had a good time and did your duty 🙂 Tried a pina colada for the first time this past fall in Mexico – it was a fun drink but too sweet for my taste – I still enjoyed the experience though.

  14. Wow, there’s a blast from the past… I almost never do mixed drinks anymore – they get me into the kind of trouble that was much easier to deal with when I was in my 20’s – but Coladas were so refreshing in the heat of summer! Nice photo, too!

  15. egg me on says:

    Ha, great title! I’d get caught in the rain for that drink.

  16. Lea Ann says:

    Love the name of the cocktail and of course the Walmart reference.

  17. Oh I love all of the ingredients except for the coconut rum. 😉 I do however cook with a lot of coconut cream but that’s very different.
    Have a happy afternoon.
    🙂 Mandy

  18. Amy says:

    Thanks a lot…you got that Pina Colada song in my head and I can’t get it out! These look yummy 🙂

  19. Rachel says:

    I think I’d just garnish it with a straw… ahhhh and mmmm!

  20. Love the name of these pina coladas!

  21. spicegirlfla says:

    No umbrella garnish needed, I like it exactly how you did it! And, I love that you added in the peach; what a wonderful flavor that must have been. I do like coconut flavored any liquor…now is that a surprise?? And I do have a bottle of coconut rum, so this will be another drink added to my weekend fun!!

  22. nancyc says:

    Sounds great–I like the Peach-Banana-Pineapple combination!

  23. I’d absolutely destroy this right now, 3 hours of tennis in scorching hot weather does this to me. I need something seriously refreshing! Sounds awesome.

  24. Eva Taylor says:

    Looks mighty tasty Greg! It’s funny how things always go around…we were just talking about coconut rum at work! Sounds like Patio Thursday to me!

  25. Caroline says:

    If you were wondering, I started singing the song in my head right when I read the title. Natural instinct, I guess. I’m not huge on coconut either, but I can usually handle a good pina coloda! I’m loving the addition of bananas and peaches in this recipe. 🙂

    • katherine says:

      Ha, I actually woke up thinking I hope I put this in Caroline’s head! But seriously, fresh peaches are just so wonderful in the summer.

  26. I don’t usually keep Malibu in the house, but for some reason back in the college years there was once a bottle laying around. One night I was lacking anything to consume/enjoy and out of desparation mixed Malibu with rootbeer and wouldn’t ya know …it turned out to be pretty damn good (not good enough to buy another bottle though!). I’d say this recipe is making good use of what you have to create something tasty. Good stuff!

    • katherine says:

      Ah, the drastic measures we took in college. I should’ve just donated the bottle to a college student (21 or older) two years ago and been done with it.

  27. nrhatch says:

    Sounds delish!

    I seldom go for sweet drinks, but occasionally mix coconut rum with pineapple-orange juice.

    • katherine says:

      Greg’s not much one for the super sweet drinks. We have to find a balance, normally between his super strong ones, and the sweeter ones.

  28. ambrosiana says:

    Walmart, Target!! Yes!! This is what I miss of America!!!! Customer service!!! Great drink, stunning picture!!

  29. I like coconut, I like pineapple but together in a drink not a fan, however is the addition of bananas… Makes me curious if this is good, because it looks inviting!

  30. Kristy says:

    This is one of my favorite summertime (or winter time on an island) drinks! I don’t get the chance to have them that often, but some of the girls and I could easily finish off any leftover bottles if we got together!

  31. Bartender says:

    This sounds fantastic and looks even better . . . great picture!

  32. Looks amazing! I like Parrot Bay when I’m craving something sweet and dessert like. This sounds nice on a day like today when someone forgot to turn the AC on before going to work and it’s 85F in the house…phew!

  33. ....RaeDi says:

    Such are the sacrifices of marriage. It looks and sounds wonderful….RaeDi

  34. rsmacaalay says:

    Very refreshing indeed!

  35. Ginger says:

    Fantastic! I love piña coladas and any additonal ingredients can only make them better! Cheers!

  36. Karina says:

    Yum! Love the addition of the peach

  37. My favorite drink next to margaritas. This one looks good so good.

  38. Pina colodas seem like a staple of Summer, and a perfect way to kill a bottle!!

  39. I’m imagining drinking one of these sheltering from an afternoon downpour in a beach bar. And they’re playing that song!!

  40. I have another great recipe for coconut rum that I concocted. I call it a “Black Jamaican.” It’s easy to make: Pour 1 shot Kahlua over ice, add 1/2 shot of coconut rum. Delicious to sip! But your recipe looks delicious, too. Peace, Linda

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