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Tabouleh and a thank you

There are so many takes on this classic dish. We see lots with more parsley or different grains from couscous to quinoa. They all sound great. But in ours we prefer bulgur wheat, which we always have on hand for … Continue reading

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Updating the classic Blueberry Buckle

Katherine had this in the oven on a recent Saturday when I came home late. She’d also made me a martini. What can I say, some guys have all the luck! She adapted the recipe from one her mom made … Continue reading

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Peachy keen pancakes

More from my lovely wife…. Growing up we’d make pilgrimages to the South each summer. Six squirming kids packed in a ’78 Impala wagon, fighting over who had to sit in the middle of the middle seat or worse, sandwiched … Continue reading

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Cold dishes for hot days

Even with the air conditioning at full blast, soul-sucking Southern summers make us crave cold dishes. And we’re not just talking desserts. Both of the dishes below are versatile and simple, although the eggplant (or aubergines, if you rather) will … Continue reading

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Fruity concoction No. 327

We put our heads together and tried to come up with a clever name for this drink and … nothing. So you tough readers (what are we Austen and have to call you gentle?) are welcome to help us out. … Continue reading

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Grilled apples with brie

Why should meat get all the grill time? Fruit tastes fabulous with a little smokiness and grilling dessert is a great way to keep the oven off during the dog days of summer. Serve these to start or end a … Continue reading

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A bumper crop of garlic

There is nothing better than a successful harvest. After months of work and effort when something in the garden succeeds without too many problems I consider it a good day. This was my second year to grow garlic and because … Continue reading

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Smoked Lamb Shanks

*For those folks who need a reminder on smoking go here.* Recently I went out on a limb and smoked a couple lamb shanks. Normally I would use a larger and far fattier cut of meat for this, but sometimes … Continue reading

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Grilled Polenta

I love how versatile leftover polenta can be. Aside from grilling, it can be baked with meat, cheese and sauce; pan fried or eaten plain hot or cold. Depending on how big the slices are it can become either a … Continue reading

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The Last of the Arugula

Recently my arugula finished producing anything but new flower petals. Like a lot of spices and greens you can extend the leaf production of a plant by plucking off the top flower bulbs and seed pods. Of course this only … Continue reading

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