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Drinks from Down Under

My wife recently picked up a copy of My Grill by Pete Evans, an Australian chef. The recipes are making me salivate — mixed kabobs with beer damper… Indian-spiced grilled fish in banana leaves… trout with mild mushrooms, proscuitto and … Continue reading

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My fantastic (garlic) braiding skills

A week after pulling the garlic, it was ready to be braided and sorted. Braiding is not technically necessary, but it makes storing easier, not to mention warding off vampires, and it looks so much nicer. I like to hang … Continue reading

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Blackberry jam

Here is another simple and delicious jam. Again, the best jam is made from the freshest almost overripe fruit, so if you don’t grow it yourself find a place that does. I like blackberry jam really chunky, if you prefer … Continue reading

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Tabouleh and a thank you

There are so many takes on this classic dish. We see lots with more parsley or different grains from couscous to quinoa. They all sound great. But in ours we prefer bulgur wheat, which we always have on hand for … Continue reading

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Updating the classic Blueberry Buckle

Katherine had this in the oven on a recent Saturday when I came home late. She’d also made me a martini. What can I say, some guys have all the luck! She adapted the recipe from one her mom made … Continue reading

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Peachy keen pancakes

More from my lovely wife…. Growing up we’d make pilgrimages to the South each summer. Six squirming kids packed in a ’78 Impala wagon, fighting over who had to sit in the middle of the middle seat or worse, sandwiched … Continue reading

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Cold dishes for hot days

Even with the air conditioning at full blast, soul-sucking Southern summers make us crave cold dishes. And we’re not just talking desserts. Both of the dishes below are versatile and simple, although the eggplant (or aubergines, if you rather) will … Continue reading

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