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Bread crumbs

This is a fairly simple idea. Buy a multitude of different day-old bakery breads, dry them out in the oven and store until needed. The store-bought stuff can’t touch crumbs from sourdoughs, pumpernickle, rye and others. It also has far … Continue reading

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Spaghetti and Meatballs

As requested here is the recipe for my meatballs. (Hope you’re reading this Uncle Charlie.) I usually just cut a couple fresh sausages out of their casings but you can also buy ground pork. Spaghetti and Meatballs ½ lb ground … Continue reading

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Starting the Peppers and Tomatoes

The first thing I had to do before planting was turn the soil. What that means is basically taking a pitchfork and working the bottom soil up to the top. This helps blend in the compost I covered the garden … Continue reading

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Black and Blonde

Normally, I would call you a heretic if there was a mixed stout in your hand. Unless what was in there was called a Black and Blonde. The best reason why this is so is because both Harp and Guinness … Continue reading

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Everybody loves … braciole

Braciole. Most people associate this food with an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. I was never a fan, but am told it dealt with one member of the family treating another so horribly it became painful to watch, which to … Continue reading

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Limoncello Cream Drop Martini

We love limoncello on the rocks and spiked in tea, drizzled over ice cream, cheesecake, and of course as a main ingredient in a martini. Limoncello Cream Drop Martini 1 ounce vanilla vodka 1 ounce limoncello twist of lemon Combine … Continue reading

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Sowing Arugula (aka planting pesto)

I pulled the carrots today to make way for the arugula. I had hoped for a bigger yield and larger size, but the colder winter here in the South hurt the growth. The carrots were an experiment to see if … Continue reading

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