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Spice Rubbed Pork Chops

Tonight I grilled pork chops rubbed with spice for dinner. Even though the dish is simple and fast it can still be quite impressive. Depending on your taste the spice rub can be hot or mild and since pork really … Continue reading

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Grilled Asparagus Salad

Halfway through making dinner I realized the amount of asparagus I had on hand was far less than a proper portion for one person, let alone two. In a flash of inspiration/desperation, I coated the eight stalks with olive oil … Continue reading

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Black Bean Soup

Here is another excellent hearty winter soup to warm you up after a day of trudging through the snow and wind. Black Bean Soup 1 pound black beans 1 ham hock or ham bone 1 onion chopped medium 1 green … Continue reading

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The Macaroon Challenge

Another guest post from my fetching wife… For more than a decade, the perfect coconut macaroon has eluded me. When I first met Greg, I quickly learned he didn’t share my sweet tooth. But he occasionally hankered for a coconut … Continue reading

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With the “Big Game” around the corner, people are looking for quick party foods. Now I love a party as much as the next guy. Although I could care less about sporting events, which are much anticipated but almost always … Continue reading

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I visited a friend in St. Louis over the New Year holiday. Aside from having a good time I discovered she was about to go on a no carbs diet. Being the good friend I am, I offered to take … Continue reading

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Young and Jackson

These are some shots from one of the greatest pubs I have ever visited. If anyone happens to be in Melbourne (Australia) and wants a drink Young & Jackson would be the way to go. I spent every afternoon there … Continue reading

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