Stuffing Chicken Breasts

Here’s another how-to post. I like this process whenever I use cheese in stuffing because hardly any leaks out.

The start

As you can see the breast is deboned, but I left the skin on. This is for a few reasons: it looks really nice when cooked; it helps hold the filling in and by searing the fat and skin first you use very little oil to cook it.

The first cut

Make an incision in between where my thumb and forefinger rest, about an inch into the breast, halfway from the bottom and top.

First cut done

As you can see the cut is not very wide. The trick is to try and keep the opening the same size while widening the inside cavity to take up the whole breast. Imagine the first cut as the entrance to a cave and once inside it spans all the way through without any other exit.

The tricky part

Carefully slide the knife into the breast keeping it as level as possible. Use your fingers on top of the meat to feel where the blade is and how deep it is. You want to separate the flesh without cutting through the back, bottom or top. The easiest way to so this is by poking with the blade slowly while pushing farther back and down.

The even trickier part

Use your finger to lift up the meat as a cavity is created. Carefully continue to enlarge the pocket with the knife making sure not to cut through the breast or your hand.

Check the cavity size

Use your finger to test the size of the pocket. It should run all the way to the tip and into the top pf the meaty part. It should also not have any other opening aside from the small cut you started with. If you did accidentally cut through somewhere you can pack filling to close it or if it is too big scrap the breast, use it for something else and get another.

Add the stuffing

Now, you just stuff the pocket. I like to put the cheese in the middle and trap it behind more stuffing. This helps to minimize cheese leakage. Fill the cavity as full as possible while still being able to pinch shut the opening.

Now it makes sense to keep the skin on

Use a couple of toothpicks to close up the slit. By tucking the skin around the cut and pinning it with the toothpicks you can usually keep almost all the filling inside the pocket.

It does look pretty as well

As you can see the skin looks really nice and the fat rendered from searing it before baking it kept everything from sticking. You could make a sauce from the drippings or serve as is. Also notice that hardly any cheese escaped from the pocket as the breast baked.

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