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Lamb Stuffed with Fruit

This sweet, sticky filling is perfect with the rich flavor of lamb. Try to pick a lamb roast with a smaller bone and a good bit of fat on the outside. Lamb Stuffed with Dried Fruit 3-4 lb leg of … Continue reading

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Three Meat Meatloaf

Now that meatloaf is allowed on the menu, here is the first of many recipes. This can be prepared without either the veal or ground beef, but it will not taste as good. The ground pork is non-negotiable. A gravy … Continue reading

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Flank Steak in a Marsala Mushroom Sauce

This sauce was delicious. Sadly the steak wasn’t the best cut, but we plan to make the recipe again soon with a better piece of meat. Make sure you get a nice lean flank steak and not some cheapo broiler … Continue reading

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Pancetta-Wrapped Dates with Ricotta Salata

Stuffed dates have been our to-do list for ages. When Kristy posted her grilled prosciutto-wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese, we knew we had to make our own. And still we waited. Those little goodies haunted our dreams. Our version … Continue reading

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Grilled and Butterflied Pork Loin

Make sure to cook this over direct moderate heat by regulating the air over the coals. Butterflying the pork will help it cook faster without it drying out due to the low amount of fat to keep the meat moist. … Continue reading

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Lamb Meatballs

We have more lamb than we can shake a tail feather at this time of year. These make a wonderful appetizer, or dinner. Thank you Kroger for once again over ordering fancy meat. Lamb Meatballs 1 lb ground lamb 1 … Continue reading

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An Ode to the Burger

With Memorial Day fast approaching we posit the question: Is there anything more American than the burger? We really don’t want an answer, mind you. We used posit in that first sentence, so we automatically win. But you can have … Continue reading

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Lamb Bolognese

Recently ground lamb was on clearance. It must have had something to do with a holiday that just went by. Although I have no idea what lamb and Presidents Day have in common. Normally I like to make bolognese sauce … Continue reading

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Feel like Chicken Tonight?

Ever see a recipe you just know you’ll try? Not one of the zillions you file away, meaning to try, but one that makes you head right to the kitchen for an ingredient check? Wok with Ray‘s Lime in the … Continue reading

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Red Meat and Caffeine

By Katherine On Valentine’s Day, I had planned to make this fantastic stuffed beef tenderloin that She Cooks He Cleans shared. But the butcher was only selling whole tenderloins about as long as my arm, and doing the math gave … Continue reading

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