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Open-faced Sandwiches with Fried Green Tomato, Bacon and Egg

Our tomato plants still have a few lonely green tomatoes on them and we hate to let them go to waste. To make these sandwiches toast a nice thick slice of rye or whole wheat bread for each person, top … Continue reading

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Asparagus Balls

These work great as tapas or a first course or snack. Dip them in hot marinara, melted cheese or spicy sour cream. I pan fried them with great success but for authentic they are technically deep fried. The recipe is … Continue reading

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Fried Calamari

We love fried calamari. There have to be some pretty good appetizers on a menu for us not to order it. At home any fried food is a bit of a mess so we seldom enjoy it. This is worth … Continue reading

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Sunday Suppers: Garden Goodness

We love our garden in August and visiting farmers markets too. Here are three recipes that make the most of produce. Zucchini Fritters Tomato Pie Figs in Cognac Caramel

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Fried Sage Leaves

This is a great snack or starter with a cheese and cold cut plate. They also work great as a topping on salad or pasta. Make sure to use really big fresh leaves, preferably off a plant in your yard. … Continue reading

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Crispy Oven Baked Fries

The question has plagued man since the dawn of time. Or the dawn of time when fat was brought to a boil and potato slices fell in. How do I make french fries that are crispy and tasty without adding … Continue reading

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Beer-Battered Onion Rings are Perfection

I love fried onions. Whether they are in rings, petals, shredded, or the entire onion is deep fried does not matter. What does matter is picking the right process to make them. This is how to make the tastiest, crispiest, … Continue reading

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