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Asian Fusion Slaw

This recipe works well as a side for barbecue or stir fry. The flavors of the raw cabbage and Asian ingredients really work well. Chopped peanuts or cilantro can be added as well. Asian Coleslaw 1 small green cabbage cored … Continue reading

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Marinated Tofu

This is a fairly simple and standard way to marinate tofu. When done it can be sauteed, fried, baked or served cold. There are any number of different spices and flavors that can be used when flavoring tofu, just make … Continue reading

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Sweet and Spicy Japanese Broth

Here is another Japanese broth style soup that is perfect as a first course or for breakfast. I know, soup for breakfast, who would think it. The complex flavor of the broth is what really makes this soup. Sweet and … Continue reading

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Stir Fried Garlic Squid

This is a great weekday meal that takes advantage of any leftover raw squid from meals like this. Any assortment of mushrooms will work but fresh cremini are best. Garlic Squid Stir Fry 1/2 lb squid cleaned and cut into … Continue reading

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Beef and Green Beans are a Winning Combo

This is a quick weekday meal that is not too spicy and easy to make. Of course plenty of spice can be added by increasing the amount of julienned jalapenos there are. Serve it with rice noodles or regular rice. … Continue reading

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Stir Fry with Chicken, Zucchini and Garlic Scapes

This is a quick weekday meal that is very simple to make. If there are no garlic scapes then green onions will work in a pinch. Fry some cumin seeds and minced red onion in the brown rice to create … Continue reading

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Chicken and Broccoli

I  tried something a little different with this stir fry. Instead of adding the sesame oil at the end as a flavor boost, I put it in the marinade. By doing this the oil helped to coat the chicken pieces … Continue reading

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Stir Fried Bok Choy

So I may have bought a little too much bok choy at the farmer’s market this week. In my defense the vendor told me to take as much as I wanted for $5. Good thing we like bok choy. This … Continue reading

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Pork, Pepper and Potatoes with a Twist

How to take a simple one pan fry up and make it better: Start with red curry paste. Pork and Potatoes in a Red Curry Sauce 1/2 lb pork cut into small strips 1 green bell pepper chopped into small … Continue reading

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Bok Choy Soup

This soup is a perfect starter course or light lunch. It does require a little pre-planning if it is going to come together quickly. If the dashi has to be made from scratch add at least two hours. It also … Continue reading

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