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Drinks that Make You Go Boo!

We’ll be watching horror movies and hiding from trick or treaters on Halloween. We might also have to whip up one these, school nights be darned. Corpse Reviver No. 2 Pumpkin Latte Cocktails The Zombie The ‘Hallowtini’ Pumpkin Pie Martinis

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Whiskey Smash

We still have some mint, some of it usually survives late into the fall. It’d be a shame to let that go to waste. This recipe is adapted from one we found on Templeton Rye’s website. Whiskey Smash 2 oz … Continue reading

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Pear Hot Toddies

On with our quest to use up an overstock of homemade jam. Katherine recently used pear preserves to create a champagne cocktail, so when we were given a batch of homemade pear butter we made a similar concoction to give … Continue reading

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Ramos Fizz

We got this classic cocktail recipe from Epicurious. The trick is in the double shaking and soda water trickle. Ramos Fizz 2 oz gin (we like Hendrick’s) 1 dash orange flower water 1 egg white 1 tbsp heavy cream 1 … Continue reading

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Elderflower Martini

This comes from the St. Germain website. St. Germain is one of those liquors that has no cheap counterpart that tastes even close, so pony up the bucks because it is good stuff. We garnished with a lemon, but a … Continue reading

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(Not) In Our Kitchen

We recently visited some friends for a long weekend and as thanks for a free place to stay we cooked one day. Here are some photos of their fantastic kitchen and our meal. I really liked the chalk board as … Continue reading

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Our Favorite Apple Drinks (So Far)

The foliage isn’t ever that grand down in these parts. But hey the apples are lip-smacking and since the temperatures are still in the 80s we need refreshment suited to the season. That’s why we love these apple drinks. (We’re … Continue reading

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