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How to Split a Chicken

Spatchcocking a chicken is a great method for cooking a whole chicken on a barbecue, especially if you do not want to smoke it. By splitting the bird in half the cooking time is shortened and the meat cooks more … Continue reading

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Venison with a Grapefruit Reduction Sauce

Here is another simple fruit sauce that pairs perfectly with venison. Do not over marinate the meat or the citrus will make it get tougher. Use a backstrap or tenderloin only for this. Hand squeezed juice will yield the best … Continue reading

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Grilled Apples and Oranges

With our kitchen renovation underway, we’ve been digging a lot of frozen chili out of the freezer, hitting the deli hard and of course grilling. Most grilled oranges call for removing the pith, but when you’re cutting board is a … Continue reading

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Sunday Suppers: The Paper Plate Edition

Our kitchen remodel is in full swing, which means we’ve stocked the fridge with food we can grab quickly and eat off disposable plates. We’ll also be frequenting restaurants more than we like, or more than our wallets would like. … Continue reading

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A Labor Day Roundup

We hope you’re feeding a crowd, since it’s the unofficial last weekend of summer. We don’t celebrate fall until after Thanksgiving in these parts. We think there’s something to satisfy just about everyone here. If you need more ideas for … Continue reading

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Steak Marinated in Green Chili Sauce

Recently I got some very inexpensive beef. Normally I  would grind or stew it over a long period of time. Except one of the pieces was in the perfect shape of a 2″ thick steak so naturally I thought fajitas. … Continue reading

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Stuffed Tomatoes

This is a great way to use up tomatoes if they happen to be overproducing in the garden. It also works with tomatoes found at a farmers market. Just make sure they are fresh, along with the corn and pepper. … Continue reading

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A Real Bourbon Burger

So I happened to see a commercial for some fast food chain making a bourbon burger. Naturally I was intrigued. After some digging on the Web I found a few recipes all calling for a few drops of bourbon added … Continue reading

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Mustard and Molasses Pork Chops on the Grill

This is a simple marinade that works wonders on pork chops or pork loin. The pork chops can be bone in, but center loin chops work the best. Make sure they are at least 1 1/2-2″ thick. The chops can … Continue reading

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Sunday Suppers: A Long, Healthy Summer

After all the heavy barbecue from the 4th here is a lighter menu that will take advantage of what is in season right now. A little bit of surf and fruit A perfect side of corn And don’t forget fruit … Continue reading

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